Bayer CropScience


Bayer CropScience offers its customers an outstanding range of products including high-value seeds, innovative crop protection solutions based on chemical and biological modes of action, and extensive service back-up for modern, sustainable agriculture. A further focus is on non-agricultural applications.

The business of Bayer CropScience is organized into two operating segments: Crop Protection / Seeds and Environmental Science. Crop Protection / Seeds markets a portfolio of highvalue seeds and traits along with innovative chemical and biological pest management solutions, at the same time offering extensive service backup for modern, sustainable agriculture. Environmental Science focuses on non-agricultural applications, with a broad portfolio of pest control products and services for areas ranging from the home and garden sector to forestry.

Bayer CropScience Core Brands

Nativo™ familyFungicide
Confidor™/Gaucho™ Insecticide, seed treatment
Nunhems™ Seeds
Basta™/Liberty™ Herbicide
Prosaro™ familyFungicide
Bayer Garden™/Bayer Advanced™Consumer brand
Poncho™ Seed treatment
FiberMax™/Stoneville™ Seeds
Belt™ Insecticide
Corvus™/Capreno™ Herbicide
Movento™ Insecticide
Xpro™ familyFungicide
Luna™ Fungicide
Bayer SeedGrowthTMSeed treatment

Best-selling Products*

Adengo™ Herbicides
Atlantis™ Herbicides
Basta™/Liberty™ Herbicides
Bayer Garden™ Home and garden products for consumers
Belt™ Insecticides
Confidor™/Gaucho™/Admire™ /Merit™ Insecticides
Decis™/K-Othrine™ Insecticides
Fandango™ Fungicides
Fiber Max™ Seed treatment
Flint™/Stratego™ /Sphere™ Fungicides
Folicur™/Raxil™ Fungicides
In Vigor™ Seed treatment
Luna™ Fungicides
Movento™ Insecticides
Poncho™ Seed treatment
Proline™ Fungicide
Puma™ Herbicide

*in alphabetical order

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