Political Principles

Energy Policy & Environmental Protection

As an innovative company, Bayer is aware of its responsibility for renewable energies. The ecological target is to save energy, establish other, renewable energy sources and thereby reduce CO2 emissions. This has generated new markets and Bayer MaterialScience significantly contributes to these with its polyurethane and polycarbonate products.

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Another EcoCommercial Building was recently completed in Greater Noida, India. Dr. Ram Sei Yelamanchili (left), Bayer MaterialScience Head Center of Excellence, India, and Krishna Kumar Mitra, Lloyd Insulations (India) Limited, with Makrolon™ sheet and insulating material, both of which were used in the installation.

Energy policy today has both the economic objective of keeping energy prices stable and also the ecological goal of reducing energy consumption. Bayer supports this goal both with its products that are used to insulate buildings and through the energy efficiency of its own production.  One example is the around 99 percent reduction in nitrous oxide emissions in nitric acid manufacture.

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