Political Principles

Energy policy & environmental protection

At Bayer, we recognize the scientific evidence indicating that man-made climate change is a fact. We also recognize the chemical industries’ responsibility as a major greenhouse-gas emitter. Bayer therefore strives to reduce its own emissions according to stringent reduction targets. More importantly, we believe that innovative products made by Bayer – such as materials for thermal insulation – can make a significant contribution to countering climate change.

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Another EcoCommercial Building was recently completed in Greater Noida, India. Dr. Ram Sei Yelamanchili (left), Bayer MaterialScience Head Center of Excellence, India, and Krishna Kumar Mitra, Lloyd Insulations (India) Limited, with Makrolon™ sheet and insulating material, both of which were used in the installation.

Energy policy nowadays follows the need for environmental protection, e.g. in emission-trading schemes. We believe it is important that Europe retains energy prices that are comparable to other regions to maintain the overall competitiveness of the chemical industry.

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