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Health Care

Headquartered in Leverkusen, Bayer HealthCare researches, develops, manufactures and markets innovative products for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The company thus plays an important part in improving the health of people and animals. This subgroup comprises four global divisions: Animal Health, Consumer Care, Medical Care and Pharmaceuticals.

Principal Products and Brands

Animal Health

Consumer Care

  • Non-prescription medicines  (e.g. Aspirin™, Aleve™/Naproxen, Canesten™, Lefax™, Talcid™, Alka-Seltzer™, Bepanthen™, Aktren™, Priorin™, Rennie™)
  • Vitamins (e.g. One-A-Day™, Supradyn™)

Medical Care

  • Diabetes Care: blood glucose monitoring systems (e.g. Contour™, Breeze™ 2)
  • Diagnostic Imaging (X-ray contrast media, contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging, application technologies and contrast injection systems for contrast agents), e.g. Magnevist™


Prescription medicines 

  • Hematology/Cardiology (blood-clotting agents, thromboembolic diseases), e.g. Kogenate™, Adalat™, Xarelto™
  • Oncology (products for treating leukemias and lymphomas, drugs for solid-tumor therapy),
    e.g. Nexavar™
  • Primary Care (anti-infectives, men’s healthcare, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases),
    e.g. Ciprobay™/Cipro™, Avalox™, Glucobay™, Levitra™, Nimotop™
  • Specialized Therapeutics (drugs for treating diseases of the central nervous system),
    e.g. Betaferon™/Betaseron™
  • Women’s Healthcare (contraception, menopause management, gynecological therapies),
    e.g. Yasmin™.
    For further information on oral contraceptives please click here.

From molecules to medicine

Best-Selling Pharmaceuticals Products**

Hypertension treatment

Aspirin™ Cardio

Medicine for the prevention of myocardial infarction


Drug to treat respiratory infections

Betaferon™ / Betaseron™
Specialty drug to treat multiple sclerosis

Cipro™ / Ciprobay™
Medicine to treat bacterial infections

Eye medicine

Medicine to treat renal insufficiency


Oral diabetes treatment

Hemophilia treatment 


Erectile dysfunction treatment

Hormonal contraceptive

Medicine to treat kidney and liver cancer

Cancer drug

Medicine for blood clotting

YAZ™ / Yasmin™ / Yasminelle™
Hormonal contraceptive

Drug for cholesterol reduction

** in alphabetical order

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