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    Symbiosis in Crop Protection

    Biologicals are gaining increasing acceptance from farmers worldwide as a fundamental part of crop protection: biological crop protection agents offer highly targeted ways of controlling pests and diseases, and provide new resistance management strategies.

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    Safeguarding Nutrition

    Innovative concepts from Bayer CropScience are helping to promote sustainable agriculture. Food chain partnerships are an important example. In this way Bayer supports all the partners from seed to shelf: farmers and food processors, importers and exporters, and wholesalers and retailers.

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    Number cruncher or lifesaver?

    If you want to develop in a new direction or move forward on your current career path, Bayer offers a wide range of opportunities to continue your personal success stories around the world.



Improving Resource and Energy Efficiency

For years, the worlds of business and politics have been concerned about limited resources and the increasing risk of serious influence on climate change. Bayer aims to protect the climate and conserve resources.


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Annual Stockholders’ Meeting 2014

Here you’ll find information on the Annual Stockholders’ Meeting of Bayer AG.



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