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Bayer is committed to environmental protection

Conserving Resources. Protecting the Climate.Zoom image
Conserving Resources. Protecting the Climate.

Climate change will have considerable effects on people’s living conditions and requires the commitment of all societal groups. Environmental protection and the need to adapt to climate change is becoming increasingly relevant to business – in terms of both opportunities and risks. For global companies like Bayer the focus is on such aspects as security, equal conditions for all, and open markets. Binding emission-reduction targets for industrialized, emerging and developing countries are important if we are to permanently reduce global greenhouse-gas emissions. An open and cooperative partnership between all countries will be decisive in overcoming the effects of climate change.

As a responsible company, Bayer has been committed to environmental protection for years and established itself as an industrial pioneer with the implementation of its Climate Program in 2007. Bayer’s Climate Program focuses on reducing its own greenhouse-gas emissions and improving energy and resource efficiency – both at Bayer itself and among its customers. This includes new production processes, internal energy-management systems and the production of innovative materials. Since the program launch, Bayer has invested a million Euros in the research and development of climate-related projects over a period of three years. In addition, Bayer has adjusted its already ambitious targets in 2011: by 2020 the company aims to reduce CO2 emissions per tonne of products sold by 35% Group-wide. The biggest contribution here will be made by the subgroup Bayer MaterialScience, which intends to reduce its specific greenhouse-gas emissions by 40% (up from 25%). Bayer HealthCare plans to reduce such emissions by 10% (up from 5%) in absolute terms and Bayer CropScience by 15%. Bayer also wants to further intensify and expand its partnerships with public institutions, companies and research institutions.

Bayer Represents the Following Positions:

Climate change is an international task

Effective environmental protection should be understood as a common task of all nations. Bayer therefore sees the results of the climate summit in Cancun in 2010 as an important first step.

Use and promote industry’s innovative strength for environmental protection

As a company we are aware that we are one of the emitters of greenhouse gases – but we are also part of the solution. Products and materials from Bayer contribute in many ways to saving energy and conserving resources. We therefore regard the promotion of high-tech products to reduce emissions as an important measure for strengthening the innovative power of the chemical industry.

Strengthen economic growth

Climate-protection instruments should be designed in such a way that they serve multiple objectives. Economic growth is necessary – for example to provide funding for necessary climate-protection measures and for research into new, climate-friendly technologies.

Respect patents and industrial property rights

The transfer of new climate-friendly technologies to developing and emerging countries plays an important role in the global reduction of emissions. Patents and copyrights should be respected in this context in order not to jeopardize incentives to continue research and development.

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