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Bayer   There's no life without water -- and no food. A growing world population requires more water efficiency in agriculture.November 27, 2014
Bayer   Cotton - Facts and figures about the miracle plant.

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November 27, 2014
Bayer   The basis of life on earth is under threat: the resource soil. But the precious top layer could suffice for coming generations – if cultivation areas are managed efficiently.November 25, 2014
Bayer   A farmer in 1900 produced enough food for 10 people. Today’s farmer feeds about 120 people.
November 24, 2014
Bayer   Bayer Science Fact: Today one hectare of farmland needs to feed twice as many people than it did in 1950.
November 24, 2014


Bayer   #DYK robots are one important solution for efficient #agriculture in the future? bayer4crops 27, 2014
Bayer   #Farming's future: “Bonirob” can navigate a maize field and scan plants. bayer4crops 27, 2014
Bayer   In the future, urban food towers called “#farmscrapers” may provide space for rice fields & vegetable gardens. 27, 2014
Bayer   Farming's future. To produce enough food a possible solution is th/ #agriculture goes vertical 27, 2014
Bayer   #AgFact Food production will have to increase by 70 % until 2050 to accommodate the worldwide demand. bayer4crops 27, 2014



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