December 21, 2016
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December 16, 2016
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Bayer   Using High-Tech to Combat Herbicide Resistance

Safeguarding the world’s food supply. To do this, Bayer’s scientists are partnering with bioinformatics experts at Targenomix in Golm near Potsdam to look for new herbicides. 250 weed species are now resistant to herbicides, and are threatening crop yields worldwide.
January 16, 2017
Bayer   The Varroa mite is regarded as the greatest pest to the western honeybee.

Learn more in this video and in the Bayer Magazine:
January 16, 2017
Bayer   Beekeeper Ernst Caspari has 20 colonies of bees that collect honey for him, and he needs to protect his bees against their greatest enemy, the Varroa mite. This parasite, measuring one to two millimetres in length, is a major cause of bee losses during the winter.
Bayer has been searching for a suitable antidote to protect the honeybee. Learn more in the Bayer Magazine:
January 12, 2017


Bayer   #BigData: @Bayer4Crops is cooperating with bioinformaticians to find new #herbicides. 16, 2017
Bayer   250 weed species are resistant: #Omics technologies are leading experts @Bayer to new active substances… 16, 2017


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Interim Report Third Quarter 2016

Bayer shows strong performance in the third quarter of 2016. Find all facts in the latest quarterly report.





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