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Handling Products Responsibly on a Global Scale

The Global Product Strategy (GPS) was introduced by ICCA in 2006 at the UN International Conference on Chemicals Management in Dubai as a contribution to the inter-governmental SAICM (Strategic Alignment of International Chemicals Management).

It was in response both to new global challenges for the chemical industry (e.g. REACH regulation), and to stakeholders requiring the chemical industry to demonstrate that they produce and handle chemicals in a responsible way and that their products are safe for humans and the environment when used as intended. Through several strategic elements, the ICCA GPS aims to ensure that society continues to benefit from our innovations, while health, safety, and the environment are protected and sustained.

Loading of fertilizer for sugarcane in the region of Guaira/São Paulo, Brazil.Zoom image
Loading of fertilizer for sugarcane in the region of Guaira/São Paulo, Brazil.

At Bayer we consider the safety and compatibility of our products to have top priority. We therefore inspect and monitor all Bayer products in applications known to us with regard to potential health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ) risks. Our product stewardship activities cover the entire value chain – from product development and production through to product use and final disposal. Since 1994, we have aligned ourselves to the voluntary Responsible Care™ initiative of the chemical industry, and Bayer signed the revised Global Charter of that initiative in 2006.

We are equally committed to GPS. Learn more about our implementation and progress in the following sections:

Product Safety First

Our Product Safety First platform contains a description of the product safety assessment procedure, including prioritization, risk assessment, risk management and risk communication. Results in the form of professional Material Safety Data Sheets (MDSD) are usually made available through direct contact with our supply chain partners. In addition, Product Safety Summaries are planned, and can be accessed from the Product Safety First platform.

Supply Chain Outreach

Focus of our supply chain outreach is placed on the safe transport, storage, handling and use of our products. Information on outreach activities in these areas, e.g. for isocyanates, can be obtained from Product Safety First platform.

Emerging Issues

Our comprehensive product stewardship program is designed to help our customers reduce environmental impact and improve the health, safety and sustainability aspects of their businesses. In this respect we are sensitive to emerging issues, such as nanotechnology and have developed corresponding positions and procedures.

Capacity Building

Our supply chain outreach programs constitute a major part of our capacity building activities (see above). In addition, we operate together with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) a successful youth education partnership which strengthens the environmental knowledge of young people all over the world.

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