Product Areas


To sharpen our focus on innovation and growth, we have carried out a strategic realignment, placing our businesses into three subgroups that operate virtually independently and are fully aligned to their respective markets. They are supported by competent service companies.

With our distinctive knowledge of people, animals, plants and materials, we intend to focus in future on the areas of health care, nutrition and high-tech materials. By applying our skills in these areas we aim to

  • prevent, diagnose, alleviate and cure diseases,
  • contribute to ensuring a sufficient supply of high-quality food for an ever-increasing global population and
  • help people to lead fulfilling, active lives through the contributions made by our products in the fields of communications, mobility, sports and home living.
Bayer HealthCare

Health Care
Bayer HealthCare is among the world’s foremost innovators in the field of pharmaceutical and medical products. This subgroup’s mission is to research, develop, manufacture and market innovative products that improve the health of people and animals throughout the world. more

Bayer CropScience

Bayer CropScience, with its highly effective products, pioneering innovations and keen customer focus, holds global leadership positions in crop protection and non-agricultural pest control. The company also has major activities in seeds and plant traits. more

Bayer MaterialScience

High-tech Materials
Bayer MaterialScience is a renowned supplier of high-tech polymers and develops innovative solutions for a broad range of applications relevant to everyday life. Products holding leading positions on the world market account for a large proportion of its sales. more

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