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Bayer is a global enterprise with a history of more than 150 years and with core competencies in the life science fields of health care and nutrition. Its products and services are designed to benefit people by supporting efforts to overcome the major challenges presented by a growing and aging global population. At the same time, the Group aims to increase its earning power and create value through innovation and growth. Bayer is committed to the principles of sustainable development, and the Bayer brand stands for trust, reliability and quality throughout the world.


Our purpose Science for a Better Life, and our vision Health for all, Hunger for none leads us in our work.


Bayer Group, based in Leverkusen (Germany) has more than 103 company with thousands of workers represented in 87 countries, including Hungary.


Bayer Hungaria Kft.

Bayer was a serious market player in Hungary before World War II. Aspirin was sold in significant volumes.


There was a longer break after World War II, followed by Bayer was present again in Hungary since 1969.


For many years, distribution was made through foreign trade companies. On July 1, 1988, an independent Bayer sales office was established. Bayer Hungaria Ltd. was registered finally in September 1990.


Bayer Hungaria Kft. has 475 employees.


Our business divisions

Today, the growing and aging population poses an increasing challenge to health care. We help our customers with our products that are suitable for the prevention, treatment or alleviation of symptoms through the prevention of diseases. These include over-the-counter medications, medical devices, dietary supplements and cosmetics. 


With our featured brands (e.g. Aspirin ™, Bepanthen ™, Canesten ™, Claritine ™, Elevit Complex ™, Iberogast ™, Rennie ™ and Supradyn ™), we enable consumers to take care of themselves and their loved ones. We focus on brand building in key therapeutic areas such as pain relief, vitamin preparations, skin care, colds, allergies and digestive problems.


We strive to strengthen and develop our key brands. To this end, we invest in product development and expanding the geographical reach of these brands. We want to further strengthen our market position with the development of new products, marketing innovations and new digital solutions.


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Providing humanity with sufficient amount of food is a very serious task that can only be achieved through joint efforts. In the absence of plant protection, pests would destroy nearly 30% of the food and food raw material produced.


Our initiatives make a positive contribution to food production, which is one of humanity’s greatest challenges. The world's population is growing by three people every second. This seems like a manageable number at the moment; but in 2050 by the time these newborns grow up, we will already be 9.7 billion on Earth - about a third more than today.


The question is how it is possible to feed nearly ten billion people when it is already a problem to meet current basic needs. Bayer's response is sustainable agriculture and effective plant protection.


The Crop Science business division develops, manufactures and markets innovative herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, dressings and seeds. Our representatives, in direct contact with farmers, help to use the plant protection product responsibly and to select the right hybrid. 


We are not only developing and marketing plant protection products and seeds for Hungarian agriculture, but we are also expanding our offer with more and more services in order to provide the most complete solutions possible.


One of the new features of these services is the downloadable GazdaInfo (gazdainfo.hu) application, which provides all important information about our products in an up-to-date form.


On our webpages you will find all relevant information about our pesticides, seeds and services:  agro.bayer.co.hu,  dekalb.hu


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Demographic change is leading to an increase in the number of chronic diseases and multiple illnesses worldwide, placing a heavy burden on patients, providers and health systems alike. At the same time, people are taking a more active role in their own health steaming - the digital world is a major driver for this.


The mission of the business division is to research, develop, manufacture and market innovative products that improve people’s health and lives. With our products, we are responding to the challenges posed by a growing, increasingly aging population. Our drugs have significant benefits in clinical therapy and added value - especially in the cardiovascular system, oncology, gynaecology, haematology and ophthalmology.


When looking for innovative healthcare solutions, we take advantage of the opportunities offered by big data, advanced analysis methods and other digital tools. Our goal is to contribute to the development of medicine and meet the needs of patients, physicians, health funders, and regulators.


We will increase our investment in research and development, focusing on areas where innovation is most needed and where our researchers can do the most using their knowledge. In part, in collaboration with other pharmaceutical companies, we want to expand our application areas with clinical development programs, and we also want to make our medicines available to other patient groups.


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The Radiology business is dedicated to serving the special needs of medical imaging diagnostics. This area includes commercially available contrast agents and injection systems and their fittings required for application.


We distinguish three main branches: 1. CT / X-ray applications (including cardiovascular examinations), 2. MR procedures, and 3. Nuclear medicine examinations. CT (Computer Tomography) maps the human body with X-rays. MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) uses magnetic resonance imaging to take multi-slice images. Nuclear medicine performs diagnostics by introducing radiant isotopes into the human body. For these procedures contrast agents are used, and medical devices, injectors to deliver the isotopes.


Our contrast agents, Iodinated X-ray contrasts and gadolinium-based contrasts for use in CTs together they have become a very reliable diagnostic imaging tool. After injecting the contrast agents into the body, any changes become visible.


Syringes and patient connectors are integral parts of injection systems to deliver the contrast medium to the patient.


We have been dealing with the maintenance and repair of the medical devices since 2012 on a contractual basis, but even on an ad hoc basis. Bayer offers comprehensive programs and services for hospitals and healthcare organizations, so we ensure continuous, optimized availability, predictability, and maximize the values provided by radiological diagnostics.


Through our service and support activities, we enable our clients to focus as much as possible on the most important thing, diagnosing, treating and curing their patients ’disease.


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Bayer Vegetable Seeds represents the Seminis and De Ruiter brands and their values. The two brands merged in 2008, first under the auspices of Monsanto, and from 2018 as a separate business unit of the Bayer’s Crop Science division.


Varieties of the Seminis brand is suitable for open field and greenhouse production, while the well-known Dutch breeding house De Ruiter includes our glasshouse products.


Hungary belongs to the company’s Central European region. Our mostly Hungary based R&D and Market Development teams have dozens of trials in the country. The whole Vegetable team considers the local testing very important, because we can rely on experiences from the location, where it will be produced. Hungary plays a significant role in this, as in addition to the Central European region, trials are also carried out in the Balkan countries. 


The trials are set up by real grower at several places. With the help of growers and integrators we could gain experiences about the varieties. Tomato, pepper, watermelon and sweet corn varieties play a particularly important role in these trails. Such an importance, which confirmed by that: next to several different vegetable crops, sweet corn seeds are also produced in Hungary. 


Bayer Vegetable Seeds does not only stand out from the crowd with their open field varieties, our portfolio of greenhouse capia peppers and glasshouse tomatoes are favorites of growers since many years. The latter segment is developing very dynamically, so we are looking for further opportunities to have an updated portfolio. We try to expand and renew our variety selection every year. As an evidence in 2021, in addition to keeping the already mentioned sweet corn and glasshouse tomato portfolios fresh, 3 new watermelon varieties will also be introduced. 


Above to products, we also try to pay as much attention as possible to our partners. Our division works in a distributor model, so there are no direct sales to growers, although we are currently working with 10 partners. 


Bayer Vegetable Seeds digital platforms:
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bayerzoldsegvetomagok - under the name Bayer Zöldségvetőmagok
YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ4_M7R24BehM1Cnc4GQTzw - under the name Bayer Zöldségvetőmagok

Information for Ukrainian Patients involved in a Clinical Trial / Інформація для українських пацієнтів, які беруть участь у клінічному дослідженні