Global Business Services Gdansk

An office with colorful murals on the walls.

Global Business Services - Gdansk (GBS GDN) is a Bayer center for services in Poland located in Gdansk. It offers around 900 jobs. GBS -Gdansk’s main goal is to power the business to enable Health for all, hunger for none – which is an ambitious vision at Bayer. 

At Bayer GBS Gdansk, we support the mission every day by providing a wide spectrum of business services to customers, contractors and employees. We do this with passion because we know that the implementation of this vision also depends on us.


We have been operating in Poland since 2012 as part of a global network with centers located in Costa Rica & Brazil, Spain, India, Germany, China and the Philippines. The Gdańsk center is responsible for supporting Bayer's business in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, including Poland, Germany, the UK, Russia, the Scandinavian countries and the Balkans. In order to function well in such an international environment, our employees use over 20 languages. They support such areas as accounting, customer service, purchasing, HR, compliance, contract management and visual design.