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Demonstrating Sustainable Agriculture in Practice

Considered the Rice Bowl of Vietnam, Cần Thơ is a major rice producing province situated along the Mekong Delta. Here, rice has been cultivated for centuries as the staple food of not only Vietnam, but also across Southeast Asia – making Cần Thơ an important player in the regional food supply chain.


Vietnam is the first country in Southeast Asia to join the Bayer ForwardFarming global network. In Cần Thơ, Bayer brings together the government – led by the National Agricultural Extension Center (NAEC) – farmers, technology partners, scientists, and the academia, together with stakeholders throughout the agriculture value chain, and including consumers, with the goals of exchanging agricultural know-how and forming partnerships to promote the important role of sustainable agriculture in society.


  • Farm name and location: ForwardFarm Cần Thơ, Cần Thơ, Vietnam.
  • History: The establishment of the ForwardFarm Can Tho is the result of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Bayer Vietnam and the NAEC in 2022. Both agreed to collaborate and transform rice cultivation in Vietnam by improving productivity and quality for exports, as well as promoting sustainable agricultural development, including climate mitigation.
  • Primary crop: Rice.
  • Notable partnerships: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam, National Agricultural Extension Center (NAEC), Kim Hong Machine Enterprise Co. Ltd., Binh Dien Fertilizer Joint Stock Company, and Thuan Thang Cooperative.
Do Tri Hung
“In recent years we have faced many unpredictable challenges from pests, diseases, and climate change in our local farming areas. I greatly appreciate the collaboration via this Bayer ForwardFarming initiative to help us manage the challenges of sustainable farming with a broad range of innovative solutions tailored to our local farming practices."
Do Tri Hung
Rice farmer at Dong Thuan Commune, Thoi Lai District, Can Tho City

Promoting Green Growth in the Mekong Delta


Bayer ForwardFarming provides an up-close look at how farmers are practicing modern regenerative and climate-smart agriculture around the world. Unique in its global reach the Bayer ForwardFarming network serves as platform for knowledge sharing and dialogue. ForwardFarmers deploy technologies and best practices to improve soil health, productivity, reduce agriculture-related greenhouse gas emissions, decrease the environmental impact of crop protection, promote biodiversity and conserve natural resources. On the ForwardFarms, progress towards the Crop Science sustainability commitments truly comes to life.


Bayer ForwardFarming demonstrates solutions that support sustainability in agriculture across the following three components:

  1. Care for Crops - Every farm is different, and every field within a successful farming operation is unique. Tailored Solutions are needed to meet the needs of individual farmers in their agronomic crop system and their specific field – from the right seeds and traits to the correct type and amount of crop protection, to the digital tools and services that allow for good decision making and precision.
  2. Care for the Planet and People - ForwardFarming promotes and demonstrates Proactive Stewardship to protect human health and preserve the environment as well farmers and farm workers well- being. Examples include addressing the safe and responsible use of crop protection products; soil health, biodiversity, and water conservation; and offering training in all of these areas and beyond.
  3. Caring together - FowardFarming fosters Partnerships with value chain actors, research centers, universities, and other institutions to strengthen sustainable and regenerative farming development.


The project is expected to improve farmers' incomes and livelihoods, ensure food security, and conserve natural resources and the environment. The additional aim is to pursue regenerative farm practices in reducing water use in agriculture and lowering greenhouse gas impacts – while supporting farmers to adapt to the adverse impact of climate change. This also vision complements Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development’s vision to sustainably develop one million hectares of high-quality rice for export and promote green growth in the Mekong Delta rice cultivation area.

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