The importance of preserving renal function in patients with atrial fibrillation and diabetes

The Kidneys Matter in Patients with Atrial fibrillation and diabetes.



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XARELTO® 15 (Rivaroxaban 15 mg): South Africa:  S4  Reg. No.: 46/8.2/0111; Namibia:  NS2  12/8.2/0006; Botswana:  S2  BOT1302278; Zimbabwe: PP10 Reg. 2017/10.2/5363; Mauritius: R11772/02/14.

XARELTO® 20 (Rivaroxaban 20 mg): South Africa:  S4  Reg. No.: 46/8.2/0112; Namibia:  NS2  12/8.2/0007; Botswana:  S2  BOT1302297; Zimbabwe: PP10 Reg. 2017/10.2/5364; Mauritius: R12698/02/14. 

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