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As of December 31, 2013, the Bayer Group employed 113,200 people worldwide. In Germany there were 35,300 employees. Personnel expenses rose in 2013 from approximately €9.2 billion to over 9.4 billion.

Vocational training and recruiting

Careers at Bayer

Bayer AG welcomes about 4,000 students a year – e.g. on internships or company visits.

As an employer, Bayer endeavors to appeal to the best and most talented people worldwide and to retain employees for long periods by providing good development opportunities, a modern working environment and competitive compensation. School’s out – what now? Find out about the 20 or more vocational training courses offered by Bayer on our website "Bayer Career School leavers." Find all job offers on our global job portal

Talent Management

We are convinced that systematic people development is exceptionally important for the future success
of our company. Group-wide talent management, in other words measures and tools to further our
employees’ professional and personal development, is therefore a key element in our human resources
policy. The basic principle is that every employee has his or her own individual strengths and talents that
deserve recognition and development in the workplace.
Vacancies in the Bayer Group, from non-managerial right up to senior management level, are advertised
via a globally accessible platform. In 2013 we posted over 9,900 vacancies in 61 countries via this platform.

Advancing Knowledge and Leadership Skills

Fostering our employees’ “lifelong learning“ is a central element of both people development and the
management of demographic change at Bayer. Our aim is to empower all employees to continuously refresh and expand their knowledge and skills in all phases of their working lives.

Harmonization of our employee training concept in the Bayer Academy also helps us to better report on
participation rates. We currently compile data on the main training activities in the twelve largest countries
through our global training reporting system. Last year, employees in these countries received between
eight and 42 hours of continuing education and training according to need. The average was 17.8
hours per employee across these twelve countries, with women taking an average 23.3 hours of training
and men 18.5 hours. These averages do not include figures for the United States or Japan as statutory
regulations preclude differentiation by gender in these countries.

Bayer Senior Experts Network – The Knowledge Retention Initiative

The Bayer Senior Experts Network is designed to utilize the knowledge and potential of retirees by employing them as consultants on important projects. Retirement is the start of a new phase in an employee’s life. It also involves changes for Bayer when the experience of long-serving employees, their expertise and broad general overview is suddenly no longer available to the company. This loss of knowledge will even increase in the future by demographic change. To counteract this problem, Bayer launched the Bayer Senior Experts Network (BaySEN) initiative at the end of 2010.

Employee Compensation and Benefits

An important principle of our human resources policy is linking employees’ compensation to their
performance and enabling them to share in the company’s success. Regular benchmarking against competitors and a globally standardized system help us to set basic salaries in line with the demands and
responsibilities of each position. These salaries are supplemented by performance-related compensation
components and extensive ancillary benefits. We attach great importance to avoiding gender-based
inequality, providing fair compensation worldwide and informing our employees transparently about the
overall structure of their compensation.

Careers at Bayer

We are looking for committed employees who can work responsibly and independently. Our web site “Bayer Global Career Portal” can help you select the most suitable options for a career at Bayer. Or why not surf through our Job Service?

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