Board of Management


The aggregate compensation of the members of the Board of Management in 2013 totaled €13,563 thousand (2012: €12,997 thousand), comprising €3,956 thousand (2012: €3,541 thousand) in non-performance-related components and €9,607 thousand (2012: €9,456 thousand) in performance-related
components. The pension service cost amounted to €1,271 thousand (2012: €1,861 thousand). The performance-related components in 2013 included an additional one-time variable component for Prof. Plischke with a target value of €500 thousand, the exact amount of this payment depending on the target attainment of the HealthCare subgroup (in terms of the EBITDA margin before special items and sales growth). It relates to the additional function as head of the HealthCare subgroup that was temporarily assigned to him and to a subsequent period covering the necessary handover to his successor in this function. This onetime payment, amounting to €771 thousand, does not form part of his pensionable income.

The following changes in the membership of the Board of Management took place in 2013: effective April
1, 2013, Mr. König was appointed to the Board of Management of Bayer AG. Effective June 1, 2013, he
succeeded Dr. Pott, who retired as of that date.

The following table shows the compensation components of the individual members of the Board of
Management in 2013:

Board of Management Compensation
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Details regarding the remuneration of the Board of Management can be found in our compensation report of the annual report 2013.

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