Bayer – One of Germany's
Biggest Sports Sponsors


Bayer is one of Germany's biggest sports patrons and sports sponsors. As long as the beginning of the 20th century, Bayer began sponsoring sports clubs in the communities surrounding its production sites in order to help its employees make constructive use of their leisure time. Fast-forwarding to the present day, few companies support such a wide range of sporting activities.

Bayer sponsors both elite and recreational sport in the communities surrounding its sites. We have always demonstrated a particular commitment to disabled sports and felt a sense of responsibility for encouraging youth sports.

The BayArena in Leverkusen is certainly the most well known Bayer sports facility. Numerous national and international football matches and other sporting events have been staged here and given spectators exciting entertainment.
The SV Bayer soccer team has been wearing the Bayer cross on their shirts since 1936.
Vanessa Low is one of the most talented athletes in German disabled sports. For her, sport is both performance and gratification.
Thanks to Bayer´s support, Louisa Freund and Maurice Lamberti have the opportunity to concentrate on developing their sporting talents to their full potential.

Indeed, there is probably no other company that supports such a wide range of sport activities. Bayer:


  • supports activities in professional, recreational, youth and disabled sports
  • has concluded sponsorship contracts with individual athletes and with teams, such as the professional soccer players of Bayer 04 Leverkusen, as well as with promoters and sports associations such as the National Paralympic Committee Germany
  • sponsors sports through both funding and investments in facilities and infrastructure (e.g. construction of sports facilities)
  • is eponym of 26 sports clubs near its sites

A Few Facts about Bayer Sports Today:

  • 23 "Bayer" sports clubs
  • approximately 45,000 members
  • 50 different sports
  • 20 top teams in 15 different sports
  • 64 Olympic medals
  • 66 Paralympic medals
  • more than 200 World Championship medals
  • more than 100 European Championship titles
  • more than 800 German championship titles



are active in the 23 Bayer sports clubs.

Medals and Achievements

There are many notable landmarks and famous athletes in the history of sports at Bayer. As a result of outstanding achievements and successes on the national and international sporting stage, many individual athletes have become household names. Names of Olympic champions such as Heide Ecker-Rosendahl, Willi Holdorf, Ulrike Meyfarth, Arnd Schmitt, Heike Henkel, Stephan Volkert, Dieter Baumann, Britta Heidemann and many others are closely linked with Bayer.

Boys playing football. Sports.

Bayer is committed to, as a promoter of the sport, that young people can develop their sporting talents.

At the "Paralympics" (the Olympic games for the disabled) participants from Bayer clubs regularly make a major contribution to the achievements of the German team with a large squad. The most successful participants at the Paralympics has been Britta Siegers, Petra Quade, Jörg Frischmann or Kathrin Green and Heinrich Popow.

Athletes wearing the Bayer cross have collected a total of 64 Olympic and 66 Paralympic medals, have won almost 200 World Championship medals and over 100 European Championship titles, and have stood on the winner's podium at German national championships on countless occasions.

Medals of Bayer Athletes at the Paralympics

London 2012 - 4x Gold, 1x Silver, 6x Bronze

1 x Gold Markus RehmAthletics
1 x GoldHeinrich PopowAthletics
2 x GoldBirgit KoberAthletics
1 x Silver Sebastian IwanowSwimming
1 x BronzeHeinrich PopowAthletics
1 x BronzeSebastian IwanowSwimming
1 x BronzeMichaela FloethAthletics
1 x BronzeKatrin GreenAthletics
1 x BronzeMarkus Rehm, Heinrich Popow, David Behre
1 x BronzeTeam:
Sebastian Czpakowski, Jürgen Schrapp, Stefan Hähnlein,
Thomas Renger, Barbaros Sayilir, Heiko Wiesenthal
Sitting volleyball

Beijing 2008 - 1x Gold, 5x Silver and 2x Bronze

1 x GoldKatrin GreenAthletics
2 x Silver Natalie SimanowskiCycling
1 x SilverAndrea HegenAthletics
1 x SilverMathias MesterAthletics
1 x Silver Heinrich PopowAthletics
1 x BronzeMichaela FloethAthletics
1 x BronzeAstrid HöfteAthletics

Athens 2004 - 5x Bronze

1 x BronzeAstrid ArndtJudo
1 x BronzeAndrea HegenAthletics
3 x BronzeHeinrich PopowAthletics

Sydney 2000 - 3x Gold and 4x Bronze

1 x GoldTeam:
Timo Hager, Manfred Kohl, Bernard Schmidl
1 x GoldMichaela DaamenAthletics
1 x GoldBritta JänickeAthletics
2 x BronzeJörg FrischmannAthletics
1 x BronzeBritta JänickeAthletics
1 x BronzeGeorg MeyerAthletics

Atlanta 1996 - 1x Gold, 2x Silver and 2x Bronze

1 x GoldTeam:
Karl-Josef Weißenfels, Bernard Schmidl, Manfred Kohl
1 x SilverJörg FrischmannAthletics
1 x SilverBritta JänickeAthletics
1 x BronzeBritta JänickeAthletics
1 x BronzeDirk MimbergAthletics

Barcelona 1992 - 8x Gold, 3x Silver and 4x Bronze

5 x GoldBritta SiegersSwimming
1 x GoldTeam:
Karl-Josef Weißenfels, Bernard Schmidl, Manfred Kohl, Rudolf Dürer, Bernd Heinrich
1 x GoldJörg FrischmannAthletics
1 x GoldRoberto SimonazziAthletics
2 x SilverBritta SiegersSwimming
1 x SilverJörg FrischmannAthletics
2 x BronzeDirk MimbergAthletics
1 x BronzeMannschaft:
Jens Faerber, Siegmund Soicke, Robert Grylak, Joachim Wahl
Sitting volleyball
1 x BronzeRoberto Simonazzi Athletics
1 x BronzeBritta SiegersSwimming

Seoul 1988 - 6x Gold and 6x Silver

3 x GoldPetra QuadeAthletics
1 x GoldTeam:
Dr. Karl Quade, Siegmund Soicke, Karl-Josef Weißenfels, Rolf Dürer, Manfred Kohl, Bernd Heinrich
1 x GoldPeter HermannAthletics
1 x GoldBritta SiegersSwimming
3 x SilverRoberto SimonazziAthletics
1 x SilverRainer GuhlAthletics
1 x SilverRita LauxWheelchair basketball
1 x SilverBritta SiegersSwimming

New York and Stoke Mandeville (GB) 1984 - 2x Gold, 1x Silver

All medalsBritta SiegersSwimming
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