• Procurement

    Group Procurement – A Value Generating Function

    Group Procurement is an integrated Business Function managing a spend volume which represents about 50% of Bayer’s revenue. The Group Procurement function provides internal business partners worldwide with goods and services on market-based terms, on time, and in the required quality.


Strategy & Organization

How Procurement Works at Bayer

To cover specific requirements as efficiently as possible, each Bayer subgroup procures production-related materials itself, while non-production-related goods and services are sourced by the organizational unit that is their major user within the Bayer Group.



Sustainability in Supplier Management

Bayer regards adherence to sustainability standards within the supply chain as a crucial factor in the value chain. By acting responsibly in collaboration with our suppliers, we aim to minimize risks and create stable, long-term business relationships with our partners.


For Suppliers

Information for Existing and New Suppliers

This section provides valuable information for suppliers including conditions of purchase, information about invoicing as well as a section with documents and links.

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