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Working at Bayer: Excellent Perspectives

Our business success is largely attributable to the knowledge, skills and commitment of our employees. It is their ability to innovate and their willingness to embrace continuous development that drive our position as a world-class innovation company. This is clearly reflected in our new employer branding: “Passion to innovate | Power to change,” which shows what the Bayer Group expects of its employees and what it can offer them. It translates Bayer’s mission statement “Science For A Better Life” into the world of work.

On December 31, 2015, Bayer had 116,800 employees worldwide. Personnel expenses rose in 2015 from approximately €9.6 billion to over €11.2 billion.

Bayer employees worldwide

Targeting Talents

We create a working environment where everyone can utilize their full potential, drive forward innovations and achieve an excellent performance. That is how Bayer attracts the most talented employees worldwide and retains them in the company in the long term. In total, the Bayer Group hired more than 14,500 new employees in 2015. Find all job offers on our global job portal.

We give young people an opportunity to gain an insight into working for our company at an early age. Overall, Bayer provided around 2,900 demanding professional internships to students around the world in 2015. We also train young people for more than 20 different occupations. In Germany alone, nearly 920 young people embarked on a vocational training course at Bayer in 2015. We intend to step up this commitment in the coming years.

Advancing Knowledge and Leadership Skills

Fostering employees’ individual abilities, talents and strengths is another key factor for Bayer’s future success. Sustained success is only possible if we create working conditions that allow all employees to utilize their talents optimally and therefore contribute to innovative solutions. We therefore actively support lifelong learning as part of our philosophy of people development and managing demographic change. Our aim is to empower all employees to broaden their knowledge and skills and keep up with the latest changes throughout their working lives.

Well-trained employees who keep up with the latest developments expect to be offered new perspectives. Thanks to its wide-ranging business activities, Bayer can offer them development opportunities within the Group. Vacancies in the Bayer Group, from non-managerial right up to senior management level, are advertised via a globally accessible platform. In 2015 we posted around 13,000 vacancies in 61 countries on this platform.

Group target 2016: continuous improvement in employee engagement.

Diversity and Internationality 

Culture & Gender Balance in Management

A diverse employee structure is vital for our company‘s future competitiveness. This is particularly true for our management throughout the Group. Diversity improves our understanding of changing markets and consumer groups, gives us access to a broader pool of talented employees, and enables us to benefit from the enhanced innovative and problem-solving abilities that are demonstrably associated with a high cultural diversity within the company.

Overall, the Bayer Group employs people from 150 different nations. Of the members of our Group Leadership Circle, in which 35 nationalities are currently represented, around 66 percent come from the country in which they are employed. The Group Leadership Circle comprises managers who perform senior functions at Bayer AG and in the subgroups and service companies. Five years ago, 23 nationalities were represented in the Group Leadership Circle.

Work-Life Balance

Our employees’ lifestyles are as diverse as they are. Bayer therefore offers employees in all countries a wide range of options to help them balance employment with their personal and family lives. Today’s employees and prospective employees attach great importance to flexible working arrangements and to support in caring for children and close relatives. Bayer offers a variety of flexible working opportunities throughout the world. In many countries, these go well beyond the statutory requirements.

Employee Compensation and Benefits

Bayer’s compensation philosophy is rooted worldwide in the LIFE values. A basic salary reflecting performance and responsibility is combined with elements based on the company’s success, plus extensive additional benefits. In this way, we aim to offer our employees working conditions that give them a high degree of security and reliability. Raises based on continuous benchmarking are designed to ensure that our compensation is always internationally competitive. We also attach great importance to equal pay for men and women, providing fair compensation worldwide and informing our employees transparently about the overall structure of their compensation.

Bayer Senior Experts Network – The Knowledge Retention Initiative

The Bayer Senior Experts Network is designed to utilize the knowledge and potential of retirees by employing them as consultants on important projects. Retirement is the start of a new phase in an employee’s life. It also involves changes for Bayer when the experience of long-serving employees, their expertise and broad general overview is suddenly no longer available to the company. This loss of knowledge will even increase in the future by demographic change. To counteract this problem, Bayer launched the Bayer Senior Experts Network (BaySEN) initiative at the end of 2010.

Careers at Bayer

Bayer employees: passion to innovate, power to change

We are looking for committed employees who can work responsibly and independently. Our web site “Bayer Global Career Portal” can help you select the most suitable options for a career at Bayer. Or why not surf through our Job Search?

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