Bayer Thai-NSM continues the Better Science for Better Life project

To promote and ignite passion for science among Thai students

Better Science for Better Life

Bayer Thai Co., Ltd. in collaboration with the National Science Museum (NSM) recently kicked off the second phase of “Better Science for Better Life” Project under the theme “Plant Ranger”  continue its commitment to promote science learning among Thai students at the Science Caravan activity at Maechanwittayakhom School, Chiang-rai in December 2022.

Opening ceremony

Leading the opening ceremony was Dr. Danuch Tanterdtid, Secretary of the Minister of Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation, alongside with dignitaries from the National Science Museum and the Secondary Educational Service Area Office Chiang-rai


Ms.JinA Lee, Managing Director of Bayer Thai Co., Ltd., said that as a life science company, we uniquely understand  the integral role science plays in everyday life. Science is at the heart of everything we do in all our businesses: Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Health, and Crop Science.  That is why we would like to leverage our expertise in life science to promote important of science through our corporate societal engagement programs and sustainability program.


The first phase of “Better Science for Better Life” was initiated in 2017 to promote creative science learning. The Better Science for Better Life toolkits, focusing on health and agriculture content, were given to more than 300 schools nationwide, bringing benefits to over 3,000 students and teachers between 2017-2020.


For the second phase of Better Science for Better Life’s theme “Plant Ranger”, the content will mainly focus on science behind plant, aiming to teach students about the relationship between science and plants and the existence of plants. Plants are important and have impact our everyday lives. The fact is plants provide us with oxygen, food, clean water, energy, and more. They are also useful in their environmental conservation roles and even offer keys to solving issue such as world hunger and climate change.


The Plant Ranger toolkit, developed by National Science Museum, will be presented to schools as part of a science caravan. The project aims to broaden children’s understanding in science and inspire them in shaping their learning purposes. Another goal is to enhance teachers’ teaching capability through the tool kits.


Ms. JinA said as we mark our 60 years of Bayer Thailand this year, we continue our corporate societal engagement program driven by our purpose “Science for a Better Life” and vision “Health for all, Hunger for none” which is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals on zero hunger, an end to poverty, economic improvement and environmental conservation.


Asst. Prof.Dr. Rawin Rawiwong, President of National Science Museum (NSM), said “The collaboration of NSM and Bayer Thai in “Better Science for Better Life” Project demonstrates our goal to stimulate interest in science learning at young age. Our target are young students aged between 10-12 years. We will organize “a science caravan” at schools in provinces, starting in Chiang Rai. We will present tool kits and host activities that promote inspiration, creativity and enthusiasm in science learning, so that students can pursue their studies and build a career in science.”

Plant Ranger

Under this year’s “Plant Ranger” theme, tool kits will be delivered to schools along with training for teachers, so that they can teach students about plants, the relationships between science and plants and the existence of plants. The youth can apply the knowledge with their daily life and further studies in agriculture.


Better Science for Better Life: Plant Ranger Toolkit

  • Activity 1: Plant Ranger Basic:  Exploring what plants are and their importance. How do you know if a plant is healthy or getting sick?
  • Activity 2:  Plant Ranger Food:  Exploring why plants are called Producers and how plants make their own food out of inorganic compounds through Photosynthesis. Exploring vital roles these plants play in human cultures in supplying food and discover a wide variety of edible plants.
  • Activity 3: Plant Ranger O2: Exploring how plants produce oxygen.
  • Activity 4: Plant Ranger H2O Exploring how plants help to maintain the water cycle and evaporation
  • Activity 5: Plant Ranger Home: Exploring how plants create suitable habits for many organisms in ecosystem.
  • Activity 6: Plant Ranger Harmony:  Exploring how plants can help to improve your mental and physical health in recreational ways.

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