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With our distinctive knowledge of people, animals and plants, we focus on the areas of health care and nutrition.



At Pharmaceuticals, we focus on researching, developing and marketing specialty-focused innovative medicines that provide significant clinical benefit and value, primarily in the therapeutic areas of cardiology, oncology, gynecology, hematology and ophthalmology. The division also comprises the radiology business, which markets diagnostic imaging equipment together with the necessary contrast agents. In this way, we are addressing the growing requirements of patients, physicians, health care payers and regulatory agencies.


With our innovative products, we seek to achieve therapeutic benefit for patients, while at the same time satisfying the growing requirements of physicians and health insurers.


Consumer Health


The growing and aging world population represents an increasing challenge to public health care systems. For this reason, the issue of self-care is gaining importance for millions of people, as well as for governments, health care systems and health care payers.


Our Consumer Health division is responding to this change with its mainly nonprescription (OTC) brand products to treat and prevent diseases and to improve well-being, providing consumers with the corresponding self-care solutions. Our strategy is aimed at further building on our strong position in the market for over-the-counter medicines, nutritional supplements and other self-care products in selected categories.






Bepanthen Ointment is an easy to apply and breathable barrier ointment for babies. It works in two ways, to care for baby’s skin and protect it from the causes of nappy rash.


Bepanthen Ointment helps protect against nappy rash by providing a long lasting breathable waterproof barrier, keeping the skin hydrated. This barrier helps to protect baby’s skin from the irritants that cause nappy rash. Bepanthen Ointment is specifically formulated for baby's delicate skin as it is from all colours, fragrances and preservatives.


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Bepanthen® Sensiderm is free from steroid and ingredients that may cause skin irritations including perfume and preservatives. It can soothe itch and redness caused by dry skin, eczema/atopic dermatitis and allergic reactions. The lipid lamellar technology reinforces and strengthens the skin barrier, which acts as a natural protection against irritation. This provides relief of itch and redness. The cream contains physiologic humectants like glycerin to bind water into the skin. Bepanthen Sensiderm contains Provitamin B5 which moisturizes the skin barrier and hence provides optimal conditions for the natural regeneration process of the skin. The product is recommended for babies, children and adults.


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Berocca Berocca Performance is a unique combination of B vitamins, vitamin C and essential minerals, like calcium, magnesium and zinc, which works to support your mental alertness and physical energy throughout the day.


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Canesten O.D. Cream is a treatment for fungal conditions of the body such as ringworm, jock itch, fungal skin rash and other tinea conditions. Canesten O.D. Cream contains Bifonazole 0.01 gram. Ally once a day


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Contains Eucalyptus Oil, Camphor, Thyme Oil, and Colophony, the formula help to reduce bruises, sprains and insects bites and mosquitoes.


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Crop Science


The Crop Science division is a world-leading agriculture enterprise with businesses in seeds, crop protection and nonagricultural pest control. The Crop Protection / Seeds operating unit markets a broad portfolio of high-value seeds and innovative pest management solutions, while at the same time providing extensive customer service for sustainable agriculture. The Environmental Science operating unit provides products and services for professional nonagricultural applications, such as vector and pest control and forestry.


In Thailand, Crop Science serves its customers with a nationwide network of sales as well as business development staff. A team of R&D specialists ensures new product development fitting to the local market needs. Its facilities in the Bangpoo Industrial Estate, Samut Prakarn Province, formulate and pack products both for domestic and export markets.


Crop Protection

The Crop Protection business offers a broad portfolio of products to farmers with a focus on rice, vegetables and fruit corps.


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  • Aliette®

  • Antracol®

  • Flint®

  • Folicur® 230 EW

  • Folicur® 430 SC

  • Invento®

  • Luna® Experience

  • Luna® Sensation

  • Nativo®

  • Previcur-N®

  • Profiler®

  • Alion®

  • Balance®

  • Balance® Flexx

  • Laudis®

  • Ricestar®

  • Ronstar®

  • Sencor®

  • Sunrice®

  • Tiller®

  • Whip®

  • Alanto®

  • Belt® Expert

  • Curbix®

  • Decis®

  • Folitec®

  • Gaucho®

  • Movento SC®

  • Movento® OD

  • Oberon®

  • Provado X®

  • Provado®

Environmental Science

Environmental Science is a Business Unit of the Crop Science Division of Bayer, specialising in the development and marketing of pest, weed and plant-disease control solutions for non-crop situations.


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