Bayer partners with Oxford University Clinical Research Unit and Khan Quang Do Publications to enhance Vietnamese students' understanding of life sciences.

  • Bayer, Oxford University Clinical Research Unit (OUCRU), and Khan Quang Do Publications of Tuoi Tre Newspaper team up to organize the launch event for "One Health" book. This scientific work is part of the Science Switch project, renowned for its practical and creative activities since 2021. 
  • The creation of 'One Health' is a collaborative effort, with contributions from experts across various fields such as science, agro-industry, communications, and youth. This book delves into the concept of comprehensive health, examining the harmonious and sustainable development of multiple factors on Earth, encompassing humans, animals, and the environment.

Ho Chi Minh City, November 5, 2023 - Bayer Vietnam, Oxford University Clinical Research Unit (OUCRU), and Khan Quang Do Publications of Tuoi Tre Newspaper joined forces to host a captivating launch event for the science book, "One Health". The event was held at the Book Street in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, and witnessed the presence of distinguished representatives from Bayer, OUCRU, Khan Quang Do, as well as the scientists who contributed to the book. Additionally, the event attracted many enthusiastic students and teachers from secondary schools.


This remarkable work is the outcome of collaboration among three parties and an editorial team comprising over 20 scientists from diverse fields, including science, agro-industry, communications, and education. To ensure its relevance and appeal to the target audience of teenagers, the book was skillfully edited by a group of students. Their valuable input adds a unique perspective and enhances the book's resonance with young readers.

"One Health" revolves around the crucial importance of synchronized and sustainable development among Humans, Animals, and the Environment, fostering a global "resistance" for our planet. The book highlights the interconnectedness between these three domains, emphasizing that when human activities directly or indirectly impact the environment or animals, human health can also be endangered, and vice versa.


Through scientific explanations, "One Health" offers young readers the opportunity to expand their knowledge and gain fresh perspectives on various topics, including the human body, everyday phenomena, the animal and plant world, medical breakthroughs and inventions, and the overarching One Health Concept. By delving into these subjects, the book aims to broaden young minds and provide them with a deeper understanding of the intricate relationships that exist within our world.


Consequently, it inspires young people to protect the environment and animals, as it directly impacts their own health and that of society. In addition to its impact on teenagers, "One Health" extends a call for experts from diverse fields such as human medicine, veterinary medicine, geology, and environmental sciences to collaborate for the future comprehensive health of the Earth.


The launch of "One Health" book is a part of the Science Switch project, which was jointly developed and implemented by OUCRU, Bayer and Khan Quang Do with primary aim of sparking interest in science among Vietnamese teenagers.

Since its inception in 2021, the Science Switch project has made remarkable progress in disseminating scientific knowledge to Vietnamese teenagers. In the first year alone, over 1.8 million individuals nationwide engaged with the project's scientific content through comics, podcasts, online events, and social media platforms. The second year witnessed more than 22,000 interactions on social media through science infographics, explainer videos, online activities, and exchange events.


Following the launch event for the book "One Health" in 2023, the Science Switch project plans to embark on a science tour. This tour will involve activities such as book donations to students and libraries, as well as captivating science performances at middle and high schools, furthering its mission to bring science closer to young minds.

Mr. Luigi Isabelo Dejos, Head of Consumer Health Division, Bayer Vietnam, said: “In the spirit of promoting comprehensive global health, "One Health" fosters coordination among scientific disciplines. Bayer, in collaboration with OUCRU, Khan Quang Do Publications of Tuoi Tre Newspaper, and other scientists and professionals, aims to enhance scientific understanding among Vietnamese teenagers. This initiative is part of the ongoing Scientific Switch project, which commenced in 2021, and underscores our commitment to bringing science closer to the community, particularly young individuals. By partnering with trusted allies, we believe that these collaborative efforts will inspire future scientists, engineers, and technology experts of the country.”


Mr. Vu Duy Thanh, Vice Head of Public Engagement, OUCRU’s Manager of the Schools Engagement and Youth Science Program, said: “The book "One Health" stands as a remarkable testament to the collective endeavors of OUCRU and our partners in bridging the gap between science and Vietnamese youth. It serves as a means to cultivate a passion for science among students and serves as a powerful source of inspiration for us to persist in constructing valuable science engagement activities that benefit both the youth and the community at large.”


Mr. Nguyen Khac Cuong, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Tuoi Tre Newspaper shared: "In the fast-paced digital era, where information spreads rapidly through social media, educational scientific publications like the book "One Health" hold immense value for Gen Z. The concise, creative, and youthful presentation of scientific content in this book makes it even more valuable. We are delighted to collaborate with our partners to bring this book to young readers and continue supporting the Science Switch project, which has successfully brought science to a vast number of students.”


Through the Science Switch project, and specifically the book "One Health," Bayer aims to assist Vietnamese teenagers in developing a strong foundation in research and science-technology applications, which are crucial in our current era. By providing accessible and engaging scientific content, we strive to equip young individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate and contribute to the rapidly evolving world of research and technology.



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