Bayer is the global market leader in crop protection products and seeds.


By cleverly combining biology, chemistry and digital tools, we are accelerating innovation in agriculture in order to guarantee a good harvest for farmers and ensure healthy, high-quality products for consumers.


On top of that, our products are intended to make sustainable agriculture possible: we help plants stay healthy. And of course we also do that by protecting them from disease and pests.



At the Pharmaceuticals division, we develop, manufacture and sell prescription medicines. We aim to generate a therapeutic benefit for patients while meeting the growing demands of these patients, physicians and health insurers.


The division also includes the Radiology business unit, which markets diagnostic imaging equipment and the accompanying contrast fluids.


Bayer also conducts clinical studies in the Benelux and we work with knowledge institutions on research into new medicines.


We focus on cardiology, oncology, women’s health, haematology and ophthalmology.



Rapid developments in the global healthcare market are characterized by a growing trend towards self-care in which the consumer takes centre stage.


Each year, Bayer touches millions of lives by providing safe, convenient and effective health solutions to treat everyday ailments. This not only benefits quality of life, but also significantly reduces healthcare costs.


Today, we provide consumers with some of the world’s most well-known and trusted over-the-counter medicines and other self-care products in the following domains: allergies, pain relief, coughs and colds, skin and foot care, products for gastrointestinal problems, products for fungal infections and nutritional supplements.