Bayer Switzerland receives a certificate for equal pay for women and men

Basel, November 30, 2020 – Bayer Switzerland has performed an equal pay analysis and had the entire company reviewed for pay equity among women and men. The certificate it now received confirms equal pay for both genders* (*accounting for various factors such as professional experience, training, seniority, category of the position) and entitles Bayer Switzerland to use the “Fair Compensation” seal of the acbe (Association of Compensation & Benefits Experts). The nationally recognized distinction is given to companies that have their pay system reviewed and certified according to recognized criteria.


The revised Gender Equality Act entered into effect in Switzerland on July 1, 2020 with the aim of enforcing the constitutional right to equal pay for equal work.  Under this revised law, it became mandatory for employers with over 100 employees to perform an equal pay analysis using the Logib pay analysis tool and have the results validated by an external, independent expert by June 2021 at the latest. 


“We are very happy that we received the equal pay for women and men certificate for all the legal entities of Bayer Switzerland from the Association of Compensation & Benefits Experts (acbe),” explains Jacqueline Pelous, Head of HR at Bayer Switzerland. “This certificate confirms our commitment in the framework of our inclusion and diversity strategy, especially when it comes to fair and equal pay for women and men. This is a first important step, and we plan to promote other steps around I&D proactively in the future,” says Pelous. 


In the framework of its inclusion and diversity strategy, Bayer Switzerland promotes the diversity and inclusion of its employees. Along with equal pay for men and women, this includes taking advantage of the positive aspects of diversity and preventing discrimination and the formation of subgroups.