Bayer in the Czech Republic

Social Responsibility

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Bayer considers CSR an important part of its business strategy. Respect for people, the environment and sustainable development is one of Bayer's core values.


More than 300 projects around the world in which Bayer is currently involved also point to the company's socially responsible behavior. Bayer spends more than EUR 50 million each year on these projects. Bayer Corporate Social Responsibility projects focus on education, research, the environment, health, sport and culture.


The proof of Bayer Corporate Social Responsibility in Slovakia is also demonstrated by the Via Bona award in the category of Philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility for small and medium-sized enterprises in 2008, Ethical Prize for Transparency and Elimination of Corruption in 2011 and nomination for Via Bona Awards for activities undertaken in 2009 and 2010.


Donation to organizations in 2020


Organization Purpose Amount


Nemocnice Na Bulovce, Praha


Finančný dar zakúpenie prístrojovej techniky počas COVID-19 obdobia


259 000,00 CZK

Fakultní nemocnice v Motole, Praha

Finančný dar na zakúpenie prístrojovej techniky počas COVID-19 obdobia 356 000,00 CZK