Czech Republic

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Bayer products have been on the Czechoslovak market since 1884. In 1990, an independent representative office was established under the name BAYER s. r. o..


Also in the Czech Republic Bayer Crop Science offers a wide range of fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, mordants and, through the Environmental Science Department, also municipal hygiene products. It provides efficient and reliable solutions for all major field crops, orchards, vineyards, vegetables and hop gardens. In 2018, the portfolio of biological products was expanded to include the novelty of biofungicide and bactericide Serenade ASO. The preparation is based on a microbial basis and is suitable to complement the already established Contans WG, which is also a biofungicide. Since 2019 you will find in the offer Dekalb seeds of corn and oilseed rape.


On the separate website cropscience.bayer.cz you can find information about products and activities in the Czech Republic.


The goal of Pharmaceuticals is to maintain its leading position in all areas of medicine and pharmacology in which it operates in the Czech Republic. Bayer Pharmaceuticals concentrates its knowledge and expertise in the following five strategic areas:


  • Hematology
  • Oncology
  • General Medicine
  • Special therapies
  • Women's Health


Important Information:


  • Publicly available professional information service (VPOIS) HERE
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In case you are suspecting an adverse event to Bayer product or you wish to report a product technical complaint or suspected counterfeit, please contact your healthcare professional (e.g. attending physician or pharmacist), your local Health Authority, or contact us directly at:


24/7 emergency hotline: +420 731 620 359
fax: +420 266 101 504


Life is getting harder more and more and is constantly changing. Increasing life expectancy increases the incidence of possible health problems. And we all have the right to get the best possible quality of life. At Bayer in Consumer Health, this is our everyday goal.




  • Publicly available professional information service (VPOIS) HERE


Health – shared priority

A broad portfolio of consumer health care products aims to ensure the health and well-being of the public, which affects both the quality of personal life and can also contribute to a significant reduction in healthcare costs.


OTC products

More and more people are buying over-the-counter medicines themselves at pharmacy to treat or alleviate the symptoms of common health problems. For example, drugs for gastrointestinal disorders, mycoses, allergies, eczema or headaches can be purchased without a prescription.


Food Supplements

Food supplements are becoming increasingly popular. At Consumer Health, we offer products to help you promote your health.


Bayer over-the-counter products in the Czech Republic can be found below.


Contact us: info-leky.cz@bayer.com



Bayer has sold its Animal Health business to Elanco and is in the process of transferring responsibilities with respect to the Animal Health products. In case that you require information on an Animal Health product please contact your local Elanco representation. Adverse events related to Animal Health Products can either be reported via Bayer or directly to Elanco.

Bayer over the counter products


Afrin - relieves the symptoms of a stuffy nose caused by the common cold, hay fever, inflammation of the nasal cavities.


Read the package leaflet carefully. Afrin 0.5 mg / ml nasal spray and Afrin 0.5 mg / ml nasal spray with menthol are over-the-counter medicinal products with the active substance oxymetazoline hydrochloride, intended for nasal administration.


Aspirin 500 mg film-coated tablets are known primarily as an effective remedy for pain and fever.


Aspirin C 400 mg / 240 mg effervescent tablets provide relief from colds and flu. In addition, it contains vitamin C to support the immune system.


Read the package leaflet carefully. Aspirin 500 mg film-coated tablets, Aspirin C 40 0mg / 240mg effervescent tablets are over-the-counter medicinal products for internal use. Aspirin 500 mg film-coated tablets contain the active substance acetylsalicylic acid. Aspirin C 400 mg / 240 mg effervescent tablets contain acetylsalicylic acid and ascorbic acid (vitamin C).


Bepanthen Baby is an ointment designed for daily care of the skin of the child's buttocks, which helps protect the skin from the causes of sores. Also suitable for the care of nipples after breastfeeding.


Bepanthen SensiDaily is a moisturizing cream with a special composition with prebiotics for daily care of dry and sensitive skin.


Bepanthen Baby and Bepanthen SensiDaily are cosmetics.


Bepanthen Sensiderm cream is effective against eczema. Relieves itching in up to 30 minutes.


Bepangel Healing Gel is a modern hydrogel for the treatment of minor injuries. Protects wounds from further infection and dryness and reduces the risk of scarring. Accelerates healing, cools and does not burn.


Bepanthen Sensiderm Cream and Bepangel Healing Gel are medical devices.


Bepanthen cream regenerates and heals dry and cracked skin. It is suitable for subsequent skin treatment, eg in winter after a stay in the cold.


Bepanthen Plus is suitable due to its antiseptic and healing effects for the treatment of minor superficial injuries, abrasions and scratches with a risk of infection.


Read the package leaflet carefully. Bepanthen cream and Bepanthen Plus are over-the-counter medicines for external use. They contain the active substance dexpanthenol. Bepanthen Plus also contains chlorhexidine.


Canesten GYN - a range of products for the treatment of vaginal infections, caused mainly by yeast.


Read the package leaflet carefully. Canesten GYN 1 day, Canesten GYN 6 days and the Canesten GYN Combi Pack vaginal tablet are medicines for vaginal use. Canesten GYN Combi Pack cream is an external medicine. They contain the active substance clotrimazole.


Canesten cream is intended for treatment of skin infections caused by yeasts, fungi and some bacteria types.


Read the package leaflet carefully. Canesten cream is an over-the-counter medicine for external use with the active substance clotrimazole.


Canesten IntimGel is intended for special intimate hygiene during vaginal problems. It provides quick relief from the itchy sensation of intimate areas for up to 12 hours.


Canesten IntimGel is a cosmetic product.


Canesbalance is a vaginal gel that treats the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis - an unpleasant odor and discharge, and restores the natural vaginal environment.


Canestest is a test for the self-diagnosis of vaginal infections to help determine if you have a yeast or bacterial infection, making it easier for you to choose your treatment.


Canesbalance and Canestest are medical devices.


Canespor 1x day cream, Canespor 1x day solution - a number of products for the treatment of skin fungi, such as on the legs (athletic foot), in the groin and other parts of the body.


Canespor 1x daily nail set - effectively treats nail mold.


Read the package leaflet carefully. Canespor 1x daily cream, Canespor 1x daily solution and Canespor 1x daily nail kit are over-the-counter medicines for external use. They contain the active substance bifonazole. Canespor 1x daily nail set also contains the active substance urea.


Claritine - relieves common symptoms of outdoor and indoor allergies (itchy nose, runny nose, tearing and burning of eyes, sneezing, hives).


Read the package leaflet carefully. Claritine is an over-the-counter medicine for the active substance loratadine for internal use.


Iberogast is an herbal remedy that provides effective relief from 6 different digestive problems such as abdominal pain, abdominal cramps, fullness, heaviness, bloating or nausea.


Read the package leaflet carefully. Iberogast is an over-the-counter oral medicine. The medicinal product is composed of liquid extracts of various parts of herbs.


Rennie and Rennie Spearmint quickly relieve unpleasant heartburn. It is also suitable for use in pregnant women (following the recommended dosage).


Read the package leaflet carefully. Rennie and Rennie Spearmint without sugar are medicines for internal use.


Saridon relieves headache and toothache, menstrual pain, as well as pain and fever associated with flu and acute upper respiratory tract inflammation.


Read the package leaflet carefully. Saridon is an internal medicine.


Supradyn CoQ10 Energy is a balanced complex of vitamins, minerals and trace elements with coenzyme Q10.


Supradyn CoQ10 energy is a dietary supplement.


Talcid - suitable for the treatment of heartburn.


Read the package leaflet carefully. Talcid is a medicine for internal use. It contains the active substance hydrotalcite.