COVID-19 Response

A woman wearing a mask and gloves is standing in a hallway.
COVID-19 Mitigation Program in Penjaringan, North Jakarta

Penjaringan Village in North Jakarta is highly exposed to COVID-19 outbreak due to its high-density population at 7,500 people/km2 with high mobility. This slum area with high poverty rate and poor public facilities is listed in the Red Zone of COVID-19. more


COVID-19 Mitigation Program in Central Java

The farmers in Central Java is above 45 years old, the age range that is more prone to COVID-19 infection. PT Bayer Indonesia conducts mitigation program with COVID-19 public awareness and educational campaign, construction of 234 communal hand washing stations and disinfectant spray to agricultural input kiosks and farmers’  houses across 45 districts in Central Java. more


Better Life Farming Program

Bayer Indonesia will launch a Better Life Farming program to 500,000 smallholder farmers (20% or 100,000 are female farmers) in several provinces. more