In Indonesia, we focus on the portfolio of our superior products to treat diseases as follows:


  • Cardiovascular and blood deseases:
    High blood pressure, diabetes, ischemic stroke, embolism due to vein thrombosis, pulmonary hypertension, prevention of stroke due to non-valvular atrial fibrilation.


  • Special and Oncological diseases:
    Multiple sclerosis and targeted therapy for advanced liver cancer, kidney cancer, and colorectal cancer.


  • Ophtalmology:
    Wet Age-related Macular Degeneration (wetAMD).


  • Women's Healthcare:
    Contraceptive pills, hormonal therapy, endometriosis, gynaecological diseases, menopausal disorders/complaints, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD).


  • Anti-infection and Men’s HealthCare:
    Antibiotic, erectile dysfunction therapy and testosterone deficiency.


  • Radiologi dan Intervensional (R&I)

    “One stop solution for Diagnostic Imaging”
    Bayer HealthCare R&I is the global leader in Diagnostic Imaging. At R&I, we continue to conduct comprehensive and continuous education, innovation, and market development to improve the quality of life in Indonesia.

    At Bayer, we understand the importance of health for each individual and we comprehend how each individual is invaluable. Thus, we develop superior contrast media products, such as MR media contrast, X-Ray media contrast, and specific media contrast for Liver. Supported by high technology health products, such as CT Injector, MR Injector & Angio Injector to support the Cath Lab examination and Radiology department. And with complete syringe variants owned by the company, Bayer continues to strive to improve the quality of life in Indonesia.

    Bayer is the only company in the world with complete range of diagnostic imaging tools, from injector, syringe, contrast medias for MR and X-Ray, to Informatic System (Radimetrics & certegra), because we understand that radiation dose management is very crucial and vital in CT/MR scanning.