Digital Hub Israel

Digital Hub Israel

Keeping Bayer Safe by Being One Step Ahead

Bayer Israel’s Digital Hub - Cyber Security Risk Management (CSRM) ensures trust and resilience through innovative cyber security capabilities at the speed of our businesses.
Our Digital Hub works to create opportunities with Israeli companies in the development of technologies in the cyber field, while collaborating with other such units Bayer has in the world.
Our activity here leverages on a rapidly growing innovative ecosystem consisting of cybersecurity startups, research institutions, government initiatives, and a strong cybersecurity talent pipeline.
This is part of Bayer’s commitment and vision of "Health for All, Hunger for None“.
Due to Bayer's engagement in R&D in key areas of life sciences, the opportunity to integrate the above into Israel's unique cyber security ecosystem, alongside sectors such as medical innovation and agricultural development, adds value at Bayer and to the ecosystem.

Digital Hub’s Focus Areas:

Israeli Cybersecurity Ecosystem. Focusing on Cyber Powerhouse such as universities, government institutions, start-ups, venture capitalists and the military. 
We will identify and build partnerships within Israeli cybersecurity ecosystem to gain access to cutting-edge innovation, and execute partnership agreements to drive cybersecurity initiatives with universities and government institutions.


Talent and Expertise. Focus on diversified cybersecurity talent pipeline (military, industry, universities). We will drive continuous education to provide cutting edge cybersecurity knowledge and innovation to Bayer. Leverage differentiated Israeli talent ecosystem to build a diverse and highly skilled cybersecurity team and unlock unique cybersecurity skills for Bayer / CSRM.


New and Emerging Technologies. Enhance Bayer’s cyber security capabilities, focusing on research of the most advanced, sustainable and modern cyber security capabilities to enhance CSRM technology strategy. We will establish and execute an operation model for efficient and successful POCs.


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