Clinical Operations Israel

Clinical Operations

What are Clinical Trials and why are they important?

Clinical Trials are the central pillar of the drug development process and bring research to reality while helping patients in need. The information collected support the proof needed for making sure the new compounds are safe and efficient before they are available as prescription medicines.

Clinical Trials are research studies conducted with people who volunteer to take part in testing how well new medical approaches work. Each study answers scientific questions and tries to find better ways to, diagnose, prevent or treat a disease.

Where do clinical trials take place?

Clinical Trials take place in, medical centers, community hospitals, clinics and doctors' offices. Clinical Trials may include participants at one or two highly specialized centers, or they may involve hundreds of locations at the same time in a single country but usually across the globe.

Clinical Trials – Bayer Israel

Our Mission

In line with the Bayer’s mission “health for all” we focus on bringing new medical innovations to researchers and patients.

Our mission is to best support the global Bayer organization in managing the company’s clinical trials, by successfully complying with all guidelines, standards, requirements, timeline and codes.

We have a professional well performing scientific team, that operates according to the highest operational standards, targeting to achieve top quality data. 

Our Operation (what we do)

We are the ones who investigate which studies are feasible for Israel, and are responsible for their high quality execution. The feasibility check is the first step, after which comes submitting the study for regulatory and ethical approval, educating the trial sites to perform the study, monitoring and supervising the process to make sure all the challenging expectations are met. 

Our Connection with Bayer’s pipeline

Israel is a key country on the Bayer footprint for Clinical Trials. We are participating in a long list of studies of new molecules that are being developed and one of the few countries to be involved in Phase 1 oncology trials. 

Our Team

The Israeli team of Site Management consists of 30 team members in total. We are diverse and united in our mission.

Innovation Development Pipeline

In clinical development we are currently advancing more than 30 projects that we review regularly so that we can give priority to the most promising programs. Click here to view Pipeline