Bayer in Senegal

Senegal Landmark

Senegal is sometimes called the Gateway to Africa because its coastline is the farthest western point on the continent.

A direct flight from New York to Senegal’s capital city takes just over eight hours. It's also called Terranga's country, in wolof (the largest ethnic group in Senegal) Terranga means hospitality which is one of the first quality of Senegalese. As a proof of this statement, many countries in Africa don't need Visa to get in Senegal. 


While more than 90 percent of Senegalese people practice Islam, the country is quite tolerant to other traditions. The government recognizes both Muslim and Christian holidays. The Great Mosque of Touba is among the largest of its kind in West Africa.


The official language is french but there are 39 spoken languages in Senegal. 
The baobob tree is a national symbol of Senegal and an integral part of the country’s culture. The bark, pulp, leaves and fruit of these giant trees are used for ropes, food, medicine and animal fodder.