Bayer in Kenya

A mountain with clouds and trees in the background.

Kenya hosts Bayer East Africa Ltd which is the regional office serving Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda where we partner with distributors, farmer organizations and governments to provide solutions in our various competencies. The regional office also serves West Africa on some Pharmaceuticals aspects such as Regulatory affairs.

Since the birth of Bayer East Africa in 1968, the company has experienced extensive business growth. The choice of Kenya as the head office was based on the ease of connectivity to other African countries on the radar of the company’s business engagements. Kenya also plays host to several international non-governmental institutions that Bayer partners within its quest to meet its socio-economic objectives. In addition, the country also enjoys more advanced economic prospects and relative peace which are critical to the establishment of an economic venture.

The three main divisions of represented in Kenya. The Crop Science Division deals with seeds, crop protection and non-agricultural pest control. The Pharmaceuticals focuses on prescription products, especially for women healthcare, anti-infectives and cardiology while Consumer Health concerns itself with sales and marketing of over-the-counter (OTC) medications, nutritional supplements, dermatologic and other self-care products.

Today, Bayer East Africa Ltd has close to 200 employees working in the different divisions in three countries; Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania.