Bayer in Malawi

A canoe sitting on a rocky shore at sunset.

Bayer's presence in Malawi originates from the late 1950s when the company was mainly known for its pharmaceutical products such as Aspirin, and as a distributor for Farmer's Organization and Shell Chemicals.  

Today Bayer Malawi Ltd provides a full agricultural production service package to enable farmers to acquire not only high-quality seed but also quality crop protection solutions to combat plant diseases, insect pests and weeds. 


Agriculture is the most important sector accounting for 42 % of the GDP. It also accounts for 81% of the labour force and foreign exchange earnings. The main economic crops in Malawi are tobacco, tea, cotton, sugar, groundnuts and coffee with tobacco being the main export crop. 


Bayer Malawi Ltd is based in the capital Lilongwe at Kanengo Industrial Site where production, commercial, marketing, warehouse and distribution departments are situated. 


Bayer acquired 100 percent shareholding of Monsanto Malawi Limited in August 2018. This rapidly expanded Bayer’s offering to farmers and it currently is the only company offering hybrid seeds that have been specially treated to control soil-borne pests.  

Bayer is now widely known for its maize hybrids of Dekalb; crop protection products such as Belt 480SC, Decis Forte, Confidor, Velum Prime, Thunder, Folicur and Nativo; herbicides such as Roundup, Harness and Bullet and seed treatment products like Gaucho and Peridium.