About the South East Africa Region

A woman in an orange dress is standing in a field at sunset.

Africa is not only the second-largest continent but is also one of the most promising emerging markets with great potential. The African story is a promising one, one whose growth and opportunities remain unmatched world-over. As a company keen on advancing life for the better, Bayer is determined to contribute and be part of this story.

The South East Africa (SEA) Country Group was formed in September 2019; a strategic decision to merge the Southern and Eastern Africa Country Groups so as to leverage the synergies across the region. The expanded country group serves to create and accelerate more growth opportunities as well as provide the broader basis for talent development for Bayer in Africa.

Until the integration of the two country groups, Bayer’s footprint in Africa consisted of 4 major country groups that operated independently: North, West & Central, East and Southern. With Bayer’s footprint down to three country groups, this has provided the company with the unique opportunity to strengthen its position in Africa by harnessing synergies to serve the dynamic needs and aspirations of the world’s most untapped continent. With North Africa more aligned to the modern Middle East trends and markets, and the West Central serving the French-speaking countries in West Africa, the South East Africa leverages the growth and opportunities of Anglo Sub-Saharan Africa.

The South East Africa region constitutes about 450 million people and 22 countries. Bayer has in-country operations in eight countries where close to 900 employees in 36 sites collaborate to steer the business to the next level. The countries are Mozambique, Ethiopia, Malawi, Zambia, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe with the Crop Science, Pharmaceuticals and Consumer Health Divisions being represented. The Bayer business is also present in Uganda, Namibia, Angola, Madagascar, Eswatini and Lesotho through appointed agencies and distributors.

The African proverb: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” is at the heart of the new South East Africa Country Group. The country group is led by one Senior Bayer Representative and one Leadership Team that is constituted of talents and skills from across the region. The fact that employees can collaborate beyond their countries, or be able to work across geographies from their current location, is a major benefit and has proven to be a key driver for current and future business growth in SEA.