Plant Activator


Agridex® 715 EC

Agridex® 715 EC is leveler and penetrant in clear yellow emulsifiable solution to reduce surface tension of pesticide spray solution, leveling and increasing pesticide’s penetration power into plant tissue.

Active ingredient

: Paraffinic Oil 715 g/l

Form of Formulation

: Emulsifiable solution

Formulation color

: Clear yellow


: Leveler and penetrant


: Slightly hazardous


: 1 L and 5 L



  • Acting as leveler for spray solution on leaf/plant surface.
  • Is a good penetrant into plant’s cuticle tissue.
  • Helping to increase pesticide mix compatibility.
  • Reducing the evaporation of spray solution.
Concentration use : 0.1% - 0.2% or 1 - 2 ml/liter of solution