Plant Activator

AgriDex 1 and 5 liters
Agridex 715 EC

Agridex 715 EC is leveler and penetrant in clear yellow emulsifiable solution to reduce surface tension of pesticide spray solution, leveling and increasing pesticide’s penetration power into plant tissue.

Active ingredient: Paraffinic Oil 715 g/l
Form of Formulation: Emulsifiable solution
Formulation color: Clear yellow
Procedure: Leveler and penetrant
Toxicity: Slightly hazardous

: 1 L and 5 L



  • Acting as leveler for spray solution on leaf/plant surface.
  • Is a good penetrant into plant’s cuticle tissue.
  • Helping to increase pesticide mix compatibility.
  • Reducing the evaporation of spray solution.
Concentration use : 0.1% - 0.2% or 1 - 2 ml/liter of solution