The most important questions concerning you as a student with regard to an internship etc. are answered here.

You can send your CV in softcopy to recruitment.indonesia@bayer.com

Right from day one, Bayer assigns its interns tasks that suit their existing skills. It is not unusual for interns to be assigned responsibilities or sub-projects.

As well as supervision in the intern’s own department, there are regular get-togethers where interns can share experiences and get to know each other.

To help us to plan your internship you should apply as early as possible, ideally three months before your preferred starting date.

It generally takes approx. 1 month from initial contact to signing a contract with Bayer. Some cases may take longer or be processed more quickly. This is dependent on several factors, such as finding a suitable appointment for an interview, the starting date in the department, etc.

If your CV is impressive, you will be invited to a personal or telephone interview. These interviews help us to get to know each other and to check whether you are suitable for the position.

For an internship at Bayer, you will impress us both with your specialist qualifications (good grades at university) and with your personality. You enjoy working with others and value the diversity of teams with people from different cultures and with different views. You have gained intercultural experience through internships or studying abroad and have good language skills, in particular English. You are result-oriented and responsible, flexible and mobile. You will fit in particularly well with Bayer if you share our passion to innovate and want your ideas and solutions to improve people’s lives.

An internship should last at least 2 month but no longer than one year. We recommend to do an internship for three to six months to ensure tasks can also be performed independently following an induction phase.

Experienced professionals

Questions about employment and promotion opportunities for professionals with experience are answered here.

A key aim of HR development at Bayer is to identify “high potentials” so as to systematically nurture and develop them through challenging tasks, project assignments, foreign assignments and selected top-level seminars. Internal assessment centers are also offered and regular feedback meetings held on the initiative of the employee's supervisor.

As well as the basic salary, Bayer offers its employees short- and long-term incentives such as variable salary components based on the company’s success and the employee’s personal performance, individual one-off payments for particularly outstanding performance and a stock participation program.

Bayer has several principles for managing our talents. Firstly, we leverage the talent that everybody brings to Bayer and take advantage of the richness of ideas, backgrounds, and perspectives of all of our employees. Secondly, we have a strong commitment to develop from within, and we hold our managers accountable for actively engaging in the development of our employees. Thirdly, we expect our employees to take personal responsibility for their development. Besides, we consider early and ongoing identification of leadership potential and consequent development to be key elements in our strategy. Lastly, we recognize the unique value that experts bring to Bayer by providing specific career paths and development measures.


Thus, Jobs and Career support is driven by the Employees and facilitated by the Company. This system is provided by HR with the Manager as the mentor.

Bayer recruits competent people who possess LIFE values which are directly implemented through the job in order to expand and strengthen our employees’ skills by involving them in project and other company initiatives. Bayer recognizes all of your achievements and experiences, and put it as consideration in your placement and assignments.

Bayer provides a wide range of training, including technical, leadership, business-related, and soft skills. All of the training that we provide are planned in Development Dialogue and will be monitored for effectiveness measurement after the training has been conducted.

Bayer offers a unique work-life balance policy by providing flexible working hour, work from home opportunities, and additional annual leave depends on work period.

Compensation at Bayer follows common principles which are applied globally:

  • Competitiveness with the external local market
  • Pay for performance
  • Alignment of interests
  • Global compensation approach

Bayer provides working facilities in the Head Office as well as the plants. In the office, there are Breakout Room at every floor, Mushola, Nursery Room, and Canteen (at Plant).