Men aged 40 years and above, Beware of Testosterone Deficiency

  • Reversible effect between Testosterone Deficiency and Metabolic Syndrome (Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, Lipid and Obesity).
  • Testosterone hormone replacement therapy is essential to cut the chain of these reversible effect.

Jakarta, 19 November 2019, PT Bayer Indonesia as Life Science’s company is committed to inform, educate, and communicate health-related issues to public. In conjunction with Men’s International Day this year, Bayer presents a speaker: Dr. Nugroho Setiawan, MS, Sp.And. (Andrologist) to educate public about the reversible effect between testosterone deficiency and metabolic syndrome and the benefit of hormone testosterone replacement therapy to cut the chain of these reversible effect.


Study shown that 38.7% of men over 45 years old have testosterone levels less than the normal: 300 nanograms / deciliter (ng / dL)1.


Dr. Nugroho Setiawan, MS, Sp. And. explained,” Testosterone deficiency occurs in many men aged 40 years and above. Starting at the age of 30 years, hormone testosterone is declining inline with the increasing of age. The testosterone will keep continue declining in men’s body around 2-3% per year. At the age of 40 years, the testosterone levels to approximately 65 - 70%, and at the age of 60 years and above about 45 - 50% of the age of 25 years.”


Many men who experience testosterone deficiency are not aware of the disease. Dr. Nugroho says that early detection of testosterone deficiency can be done by concern oneself to the symptoms. 


Based on the ADAM questionnaires, a man should be aware of the following symptoms:
1.    Do you have reduced libido (sex drive)?
2.    Do you have a lack of energy?
3.    Do you have a decrease in strength and endurance?
4.    Have you lost height?
5.    Have you noticed less enjoyment of life?
6.    Are you sad and/or grumpy?
7.    Are your erections less strong?
8.    Have you noticed a recent deterioration in your ability to play sports?
9.    Are you falling asleep after dinner?
10.    Is your work performance suffering?


If a man experiences symptoms no.1 or no.7 or three other symptoms mentioned above, he may suffers testosterone deficiency.2


“Men who suffer symptoms of testosterone deficiency should immediately consult and check their testosterone levels to receive the hormone replacement therapy. This will help them to improve their quality of life,” said Dr. Nugroho.


Dr. Nugroho explains,” The aim of testosterone replacement therapy is to restore testosterone levels to the optimal level for each individu. Study shown that testosterone replacement therapy can improve each component of metabolic syndrome3-4. Many of my patients, who have been injected with testosterone for long term treatment experienced a decrease in waist circumference, weight loss, improvement in blood sugar level and lipid.


Low testosterone will increase the risk of health problems, including psychological disorders, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular disorders, sexual disorders, physical problems, and a higher risk of death5-10.


Dr. Nugroho underline that giving testosterone therapy is the Doctor's role. Doctor will recommend a drug based on the efficacy, mild side effects, convenient for the patient, no contra-indications and the drug has been approved by BPOM. 


”The injection of Testosterone Undecanoate for long term treatment is choosen based on a research of Carruthers M, Cathcart P, Feneley MR in 2015. This study showed a success rate of treatment of Testosterone Undecanoate is 82%. Meanwhile, the oral testosterone treatment success rate is only 41%3. The injection of Testosterone Undecanoate for long term is safe for the liver due to it is not absorbed directly into bloodstream,” he added.




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