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Each 5 ml contains 360.25 mg pirantel pamoate equivalent to 125 mg pirantel base.


Pirantel pamoate can be used by one or more types of worms in adults and children. If one of family members suffers from an infection from those types of worms, it is very likely that other family members can also be infected and are not identi¬ed. Therefore, it is recommended that the whole family take pirantel pamoate. By keeping body, food and the environment clean, it will prevent re-infection.


Drug interactions: application with piperazine can cause antagonistic effects


Drug action:

Pirantel pamoate immobilizes worms by depolarizing neuromuscular blocking compounds and removing them from the body normally without the need for laxatives


Warnings and Cautions:

  • Not recommended for children under 2 years old and pregnant women as the safety on the drug’s use has not been widely studied/widely known.
  • Careful use for patients with impaired liver function.