Bayer South East Africa Launches an 18-24 Month Graduate Program

The Next Generation Of Talent Is Crucial To Address Nutrition & Health Challenges

Bayer South Africa Launches an 18-24 Month Graduate Program

Bayer in South East Africa is thrilled to launch an 18 – 24-month graduate program for 2023, which is thoughtfully designed to optimize learning and provide in-depth understanding of how businesses operate.


The graduate positions are available in the following countries: Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, and Zambia.


Through the Bayer graduate program, students and recent graduates can build on their academic success and gain a head start in their professional journey and will be a part of a diverse talent pool. 

Reality is that the second year of study marks two main things in the life of an undergraduate university student – the first is celebrating the half-way mark of study and the second is a wakeup call to begin searching for ways of being employable. 
The pressure of being employed often has push factors ranging from repaying student loans, building a valuable and solid career, taking care of siblings back at home, and being an independent young adult.

Although leaving university is a lifechanging milestone, it however comes with fears of entering the workplace and being a right fit while at it. The truth is that what is learnt at school is only foundational phase and the real workplace work often is learnt by doing the actual job.


“With all these pressures in mind, Bayer understands what’s at stake and we take pride in our commitment to grow and develop young talents. Through this graduate program - high potential employees who possess the knowledge, drive, and enthusiasm are identified to permanently become part of the Bayer team”
Merab Olang, Head of Human Resources at Bayer South East Africa
Merab Olang
Head of Human Resources at Bayer South East Africa

From being a key player in the day-to-day business activities at Bayer, exposed to tailored mentorship and coaching sessions, building a positive career experience in line with university studies – the Bayer graduate program will expose graduates to implement comprehensive projects and contribute towards building a fulfilling career among a group of creative individuals who are dedicated to making a difference to real-world challenges such as health and nutrition. 

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Closing date for applications: 20 June 2023