Safeguarding Our Future

We strive to be sustainable in all we do. To us, sustainability means safeguarding our future viability and, as part of our corporate strategy, it is integrated into everyday procedures.


Initiatives Implemented by Bayer in Canada

Sustainability Councils

Our site-based Sustainability Councils promote best practices that help the company and employees make a positive contribution to the economy, the environment and the community. Across the country, Bayer employees participate in a company-wide office Clean Up Day. Employees are encouraged to bring any unused office items to a central location where they are shared with other employees and reused. Any remaining items are taken away to be donated or recycled.


Sustainability expectations for our vendors are included in our Supplier Code of Conduct policy. Our suppliers are required to comply with all applicable quality, health, safety and environmental regulations, and they must fulfill their operational and reporting requirements.


Video Conference Technology

Our offices in Mississauga and Calgary have state-of-the-art video conference technology in multiple boardrooms, which allows employees to effectively communicate virtually and still have face-to-face interaction, reducing the need for travel and our carbon footprint.