Human Rights

Our Commitment to Eradicating Forced and Child Labour in Supply Chains

We stand for respecting human rights in everything we do and will not turn a blind eye to any violation of human rights.

Bayer has documented its stance on human rights, including modern slavery, human trafficking and forced and child labour, in a globally binding Bayer Human Rights Policy, which defines the human rights requirements within the company and obligates us to respect and foster human rights within our own business activities and in business relations. Our commitment to respecting human rights extends to all Bayer employees worldwide and the entire value chain, comprising business partners, suppliers, contractors, customers, consumers, and local communities.


Additionally, we have a Supplier Code of Conduct in place that specifies what we expect of our suppliers and obligates them to fully respect human rights, including right to be free from slavery, servitude and forced labour as well as protection against child labour.