GROW stands for Growing Representation & Opportunities for Women. Its vision is for women to have equal representation, leadership and recognition at all levels, and for men to champion this equality.


We have an immensely diverse workforce at Bayer Switzerland. To capitalize on the benefits that these differences can bring, we need to build an inclusive culture. Being inclusive will help us improve our business results, boost our talent attraction & retention, increase our productivity, and create an inspiring work environment. The I&D council gives us a framework to develop, implement and align I&D initiatives for the entire Swiss Bayer community.
Caroline Kersten
Lead I&D Council

GROW implements initiatives that promote an accountable and inclusive culture committed to women's growth and achievement. 

Peer Coaching
As part of our ongoing Inclusion & Diversity efforts, Bayer Switzerland has launched peer coaching groups as a development opportunity for women at different levels. Through peer coaching, we create platforms whereby business coaches and respected leaders act as mentors, sharing their knowledge and experience and providing support.

Equal Pay
In 2020, Bayer Switzerland conducted an equal pay analysis and had the entire company reviewed with regard to pay equity between men and women. The analysis confirmed equal pay between the sexes* (*taking into account various factors such as professional experience, education, seniority, category of position) and entitles Bayer Switzerland to bear the acbe (Association of Compensation & Benefits Experts) "Fair Compensation" seal. This nationally recognised award is given to companies that have their compensation system reviewed and certified according to recognised criteria.

Women in Management
The proportion of women in management is reviewed annually. Currently, Bayer Switzerland has 53% women in management. In senior management this is 35%.