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This employee network group aims to create an environment in which everyone can fulfil their professional and family commitments to the fullest. This is to enable everyone to meet the demands of family, work and community at different stages of life and to realise his or her full potential. FAMILY CONNECTIONS provides support and solutions for employees to balance personal and professional responsibilities and achieve the best quality of life. This is done by providing useful resources and creating a forum from a parenting perspective to share ideas, solutions and identify opportunities.

Each individual is unique and when we see and accept this it will lead to more creativity, more open dialogues and to the best solutions.
Nicole Germershaus
Senior External Manufacturing Manager

Here are some examples of how Bayer in Switzerland is working to promote work-life balance:

Parental Leave
At Bayer Switzerland, the following rules apply to all new parents: 

  • Paternity leave: 20 working days within one year
  • Maternity leave: 20 weeks 

Flexible working time models: 

It is a central concern of ours to offer our employees flexibility in their work so that they can create a workday schedule that fits their needs. Only in this way can the best performance be achieved and only in this way can creativity and the best solution emerge. Flexibility promotes innovation and enables our employees to focus on what really matters – in line with our mission: «Science for a better life».

Bayer Switzerland offers various flexible working models, including daily flexibility, home office, and additional holiday days or sabbatical, and is working to increase further the possibility of part-time roles and job sharing.

We give our employees a lot of freedom to decide how and where they want to work. And because the office is more than a place of work - namely a social system – we have created flexible and innovative office concepts in Basel and Zurich that do justice to the new hybrid work situation. This way, every employee can work where the best result can be achieved.

Job advertisements contain the addition «80–100%» 
At Bayer in Switzerland, we proactively support flexible working whenever possible through the «80-100» job model. All «80-100%» job advertisements indicate the option of flexible working time models, for example in the form of an 80 percent position. Applicants and HR managers are encouraged to discuss possible arrangements with each other and agree on a working model that meets the needs of both sides.