Our efforts for sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability


Bayer has set ambitious sustainability targets for 2030. By making sustainability an even more important part of our business processes, we are investing in our long-term economic success, while also making a positive contribution to society and the environment.


This is an objective we are pursuing on a global scale – and Switzerland is no exception.

Be it behind the scenes or on the front line, our team in Switzerland is making a positive contribution in its production facilities, buildings and various business processes. Our goal is to continuously reduce our environmental footprint. At the same time, we actively support culture and sports and thereby play a role in the public arena. A prime example in this context are our efforts during the coronavirus pandemic, during which we have supported charitable organizations, donated resources and undertaken voluntary work.


Our innovative prowess enables us to play a significant role in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations with regard to combating hunger (Goal 2) and providing health care (Goal 3). Our work also helps the fight against poverty (Goal 1). In addition, we are redoubling our efforts to reduce greenhouse gases and tackle the impacts of climate change (Goal 13) and are sharpening our focus on empowering women (Goal 5).


You can learn more about Bayer’s sustainability efforts here.