Innovative Ideas | Bound to end up at Bayer.

We have to start pursuing innovation in our youth if it’s to become part of our daily routine. That’s precisely what these children are doing with their novel ideas, solving the everyday situations they face in an innovative and fun way.

Bayer fosters a culture of innovation

We strive to ensure our innovative solutions create added value for our customers and society in the areas of health care and nutrition – an objective that hinges on our research and development skills and our global Open Innovation network.


Innovation and the know-how of our employees form the basis for our company’s success. We drive innovation by continuously developing new molecules, technologies and business models in our research centers, investing in research and development projects, supporting the development of our employees and expanding our activities through acquisitions or collaborations with external partners.


Investing in research and development

In 2019, Bayer spent EUR 5.342 billion on research and development. More than 15,000 company employees worldwide work in these fields.


Besides investing in R&D, Bayer promotes a culture of innovation based on an openness to new ideas and internal interdisciplinary cooperation. We are building a national and international network of outstanding scientists to further strengthen our expertise and are extending this network by teaming up with external partners.


Our collaborations and alliances with leading universities, public research institutes and partner companies are supplemented by incubators, crowdsourcing and science hubs in Asia and the United States to tap into external innovative potential. Some of our collaborations are supported by public funding.