Leaps by Bayer

Groundbreaking technologies in life sciences

What would a leap of faith look like in the life sciences field? “Leaps by Bayer” stands for advances in life sciences that equate to a paradigm shift. What that means is Bayer works on groundbreaking technologies that could fundamentally improve life for lots of people.


From scientists who dedicate their life to working on pioneering technologies to individuals who push their physical boundaries, people who literally dare to leap are an inspiration for us. To communicate this, we collaborated with freediver and world record holder Sofia Gomez to produce the film “Dare to Leap”, which embodies why we push our limits and refuse to give up.

Daring to do the impossible

Leaps by Bayer aims to tackle ten major challenges in health care and agriculture. Some claim it is impossible to overcome these challenges, but we are prepared to take these leaps of faith.


The ten challenges

1. Cure genetic diseases
2. Provide sustainable organ replacement
3. Reverse autoimmune diseases
4. Regenerate lost tissue function
5. Prevent and cure cancer
6. Reduce the environmental impact of agriculture
7. Cure through microbiome health
8. Develop a sustainable protein supply
9. Eradicate insect-borne infections
10. Drive transformational digital business models


A greater willingness to take risks and more collaboration

This mission requires a completely new, long-term approach that goes beyond conventional boundaries. We need investment, a willingness to take risks and confidence on a whole new scale if we are to take on these ten challenges with partners.

Head of Leaps Bayer, Jürgen Eckhardt, on the driving forces, ambitions and partnerships behind the Leaps initiative.

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