Why Bayer

Benefits & Rewards

Benefit & RewardsBayer is committed to providing state-of-the-art benefits to its employees. Benefits contribute to individual and family health, increase financial security, and help create a comfortable work-life balance that improves quality of life


We ensure a high level of social protection in our workplaces. Nearly all Bayer Group employees have health insurance as well as access to a pension plan. Collective Labor Agreement ensure that our working condition and regulation is reviewed regularly and comply with government standards. We are constantly working to increase the benefits we provide and our goal for the future is to have the highest level of social protection available for all employees.



Competitive Pay

Bayer’s compensation packages are designed to meet the diverse needs of our global workforce and include elements like base salary, bonuses, long and short-term incentives, and benefits. Importantly, we regularly check in with external benchmarks and internal measures to ensure people at our company are fairly compensated.



Flexible Working Hours

Because creating a family-friendly workplace is important to us, our employees can take advantage of benefits that allow them to lead productive working lives that are harmonious with the priorities of their families. Bayer offers a variety of options that allow employees to choose the most appropriate work schedule to support both their personal and professional needs.



Health Maintenance

Bayer aims to ensure that all employees have adequate access to affordable, effective health services. Medical checkups and sports programs are a few ways we support our employees’ wellbeing. Specific healthcare plans can also complement or supplement government health programs, and can improve employees’ quality of life.



Retirement Program

Retirement benefits in Bayer designed specifically to help employees prepare their retirement period according to the government regulation. Not only in financial, Bayer also assist employees to build a fulfilled life and long term entrepreneurship by providing pre-pension training.

We are always looking for ambitious, forward-thinking colleagues who are committed to our vision and want their careers to be a lifelong learning experience. Bayer offers a wide range of opportunities for experienced professionals. Learn about the many ways you can apply your skills to an exciting career at Bayer.




Our Onboarding program is intended to integrate employees smoothly into the organization and to help them become productive as quickly as possible. The process begins before the employee’s first day, and features such as the buddy program and Discovering Bayer training sessions support the employee throughout his or her first three months.



Embracing Lifelong Learning

Pembelajaran sepanjang hidup

By supporting individual growth among our employees, we are not only providing unique opportunities for them to achieve their professional and personal goals – we are also developing future generations of Bayer leaders.


A wide range of online, in-class, and on-the-job learning opportunities equip our employees with the right skills and capabilities to execute Bayer’s strategy and deliver the best performance.


We also offer intensive training throughout the Group in the areas of compliance, occupational safety, and health protection.


360° Feedback

360 feedback

Bayer 360° Feedback is a development tool to enhance leadership and performance, and to support career development and personal growth. Using a questionnaire that includes self-assessment as well as questions from the participant’s customers, managers, and peers, 360° Feedback offers employees a clear picture of their performance so they can identify their strengths and focus on their development needs.


How to Apply

Interested and challenged to be the part of our team to improving quality of life through life science? To see career opportunity and vacancies in Bayer Indonesia – please click this link http://bit.ly/2b8fIVg


As for your application, you can send your latest updated resume and completing application from (can be downloaded by clicking this link) to recruitment.indonesia@bayer.com by mentioning your targeted position as your email subject.