Generation Bayer | Fit in Old Age

There are more than 2 million people over 60 living in Switzerland today – that’s almost a quarter of the population. And the number of older people is set to increase rapidly over the next few decades. We aim to use our research and products to help this growing demographic group live a life that is as active as possible.



Bayer’s commitment to healthy aging

In 2016, 31 percent of the Swiss population was 55 or older. Around half of these people live with at least one chronic condition, a figure that rises to two thirds for people aged 75 and over.



Typical age-related disorders include cardiovascular diseases, eye disorders, cancer and diabetes.



“Bayer’s scientists are focusing on new treatment options for cardiovascular diseases, eye disorders and cancer. The results of this research could enable elderly people to live a longer, active life.”
Dr. Michael Devoy
Chief Medical Officer at Bayer AG

dasBy providing information on health-related topics, younger generations can make well-informed decisions to help them avoid chronic diseases, thus giving them the opportunity to stay healthy well into their senior years. A healthy lifestyle featuring regular exercise, a balanced diet, and stimulating mental activity will make it easier for all generations to achieve this goal.

A man in a gray shirt smiles in front of a building.
By taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalization, Bayer continues to be committed to providing a scientific basis for a better and longer life. New technologies such as genome editing and artificial intelligence have the potential to transform the diagnosis, treatment and healing of patients suffering from age-related illnesses – now and in the future.
Michael Devoy
Chief Medical Officer at Bayer AG

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