Inclusion & Diversity

Our vision: We make the mix work!

At Bayer, we see diversity as a key to success because it drives innovation and helps us better understand our global customer base. Our goal is to bring together different perspectives, work experiences, lifestyles and cultures to create a working environment based on trust and respect. For us, Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) is more than just policies and talks – we live our promise, in short: «We make the mix work»

I&D is an integral part of who we are as a company, how we work and how we see our future. We believe that differences in age, origin, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, physical abilities, thinking style and background, are an asset to our working environment.

Attracting, developing and retaining a workforce that reflects the diversity of our clients is essential to our success. It leads to more creativity, more open dialogue and the best solutions, because without different ways of looking at things and thinking, there would be no innovation.

With this vision, we want to communicate our commitment to promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace at the Bayer sites in Switzerland in line with the global Inclusion & Diversity strategy. In Switzerland, the activities are steered by a local I&D Council composed of representatives from the divisions, sites and the country organisation.

In addition, employees are involved in various network groups to give a voice to the different stakeholders – both within our company and towards our customers. This helps Bayer to cultivate an inclusive work environment and provide appropriate products and services to its customers.

Our Strategy
In September 2019, Bayer defined a new I&D strategy and made creating a more inclusive work environment a strategic priority. The strategy is built on four pillars: Culture, Talent and Company.

For each pillar, we have defined what it means for us at Bayer Switzerland:

We implement activities that actively engage our employees and leaders with the aim to create a more inclusive work environment and mindset.

We enable and foster a diverse and inclusive environment. This ensures that our talent acquisition, development and retention processes and decisions are inclusive. We look for the brightest minds, regardless of colour, religion, gender, age, nationality, disability, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation Inclusion is about creating equal opportunities for all!

We are committed to diverse and inclusive customers and suppliers, as this is an important growth factor for our business.

We put Inclusion & Diversity on the agenda. We communicate our commitment internally as well as externally, with the aim of building trust and being perceived as an attractive and inclusive employer. Our workforce reflects the society we live in and exemplifies how different perspectives and ways of thinking can contribute to first-class solutions.

Employee network groups

Employee network groups play a crucial role in promoting inclusion & diversity at Bayer. They give a voice to the different stakeholders both internally and externally. This helps Bayer to cultivate an inclusion-based work environment and to offer appropriate products and services to its customers.