Our donations

Basel Cancer League
As Bayer Switzerland, we have been supporting the Basel Cancer League since 2014. This partnership is particularly important to us: because as a highly respected institution, the Cancer League understands the challenges for sick people and for society.

Schweizer Jugend Forscht
As Bayer Switzerland, we have been contributing to the Swiss Youth Research Foundation (Schweizer Jugend forscht) since 2019. This well-established foundation aims to awaken young people's interest in science and encourage them to conduct independent research. And we are happy to support them in this.

Verein Gassenküche Basel
The Gassenküche in Basel offers people in need a free breakfast or dinner for only CHF 3. Around 200 guests are served per day. The Gassenküche Basel association comprises about 50 volunteers and is financially supported by us. In the second half of 2021, we held a sale of office furniture from the Zurich and Basel sites. The proceeds were donated in full to the Gassenküche Basel. 

Sozialwerk Pfarrer Sieber
Since 1988, the Sozialwerk Pfarrer Sieber has been putting all its energies into supporting people in need with the aim of reintegrating them into social structures as best as possible. Around 180 employees and an additional 350 volunteers are committed to helping people in need. And as Bayer Switzerland, we also make our contribution to the social welfare organisation.

Debra Schweiz
Our Consumer Health Division supports DEBRA Switzerland since 2021 as part of a partner programme. DEBRA Switzerland has been the patient organisation for people suffering from the congenital, currently incurable skin disease epidermolysis bullosa (EB) since 1998. The foundation advises and supports those affected as well as their relatives.

Stiftung Theodora
The Consumer Health Division is also working with the Theodora Foundation in 2021. This foundation aims to brighten the daily lives of children in hospitals and specialized institutions through joy and laughter. To this end, the foundation organizes and finances weekly visits by professional artists – the dream doctors.

Schtifti Foundation
The Stifti Foundation's health promotion and education program "Gorilla" advocates for a youth that takes responsibility for itself and the environment. We support this commitment so that the young generation is actively sensitized about topics such as healthy nutrition, sustainability, food waste and consumer behavior.  

Our donation will fund workshops in 2021 and 2022 as part of the Quims program, which supports schools with large numbers of students from foreign-language, immigrant and socially disadvantaged families.

Together with partners from business and private individuals, myclimate is committed to effective climate protection - locally and globally. The company aims to shape the future of the world through advisory and educational services as well as its own projects.  

At the beginning of 2021, we sold office furniture from the Basel site. Following an internal vote by our employees, the proceeds were divided among three climate protection projects:  

  • Renaturation of Swiss raised bogs 
  • Indigenous communities protect rainforest in Fiji 
  • Biogas plants against methane emissions (Switzerland) 

myclimate awarded us three certificates. These awards prove that we have offset 726.51 tons of CO2 emissions with our donations. For comparison: A flight from Zurich to the Canary Islands (there and back) causes about one ton of CO2 per passenger. 

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Projects during COVID-19
As Bayer Switzerland, we supported the Basel-Stadt Medical Service and the Cantonal Crisis Management Team during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Donations due to the COVID-19 pandemic 
In April 2021, together with Lunch Check, we called for an internal donation campaign in favor of the Pfarrer Sieber Foundation and the Gassenküche Basel. Our employees had the opportunity to donate any amount from their Lunch Check account. Most of them had accumulated a large sum due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the absence of catering visits. The amount was divided between the Gassenküche Basel association and the Pfarrer Sieber Stiftung. 

Projects due to the war in Ukraine 2022
In March 2022, we joined forces with Swiss Solidarity to launch an internal fundraising campaign and asked employees to donate to refugees and those affected by the war in Ukraine. Bayer Switzerland doubled the amount donated by employees, so that a total of 123,148 Swiss francs had been collected by the end of April. 

Charitable activities

Swiss Red Cross
Twice a year, we work closely with the Swiss Red Cross to provide life-saving blood donations for the blood bank in Basel together with our employees. At the same time, you can register as a blood stem cell donor. Due to the Corona pandemic, this did not take place in 2021. 

Eden Reforestation Foundation
The Eden Reforestation Foundation is a non-profit organization that restores natural landscapes destroyed by deforestation in developing countries. In 2021, we launched a pilot project at Bayer Switzerland together with the app "eevie – your climate guide". We wanted to raise awareness among our employees and help them reduce their own carbon footprint and monitor their own behavior from an environmental perspective. The principle is simple: Those who make their habits more sustainable are rewarded with points. We redeem the points collected by the entire Bayer Switzerland team and support the reforestation projects of the Eden Reforestation Foundation. 

2021 was a successful year: We look back on four climate campaigns with 234 participants and 24,096 climate actions. As a result, 4,937 saplings were planted in collaboration with Eden Reforestation Foundation and thus up to 61,713 kg of CO2 is absorbed by the trees each year. By changing the habits of our employees at Bayer Switzerland, we were able to achieve a joint CO2 reduction of 10,617 kg. 

National Clean-up Day 
In 2021, we took part for the first time in the national Clean-up Day in September. Switzerland’s Clean-up Day is embedded in the international “Let’s Do it!” movement founded in 2008, which campaigns worldwide to clean up the social problem of littering. On September 17, just under one hundred employees picked up trash that was lying around our sites in Zurich and Basel. We plan to take part in this national clean-up campaign again in 2022 and confident that we will be able to persuade more employees to join us after our successful event last year.