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If you believe you need a reasonable accomodation to search for a job opening, apply for a position or during the interview process, please call us 1-888-473-1001 option 5 or write us an email to

Our military demonstrate initiative, discipline, and drive. Your strong leadership skills and passion for making the world a better place align perfectly with our  LIFE-US  values and inclusive vision of Health for All, Hunger for None. You belong at Bayer!

Transition Action Timeline


Inclusion & Diversity

At Bayer, we believe our differences drive innovative solutions. Building a sustainable culture of inclusion and a diverse workforce are essential to our success. Our unique identities and experiences empower us to achieve our inclusive vision of Health for All, Hunger for None. 

Decide where you want to live?

  • Search online for cost of living, job market and other factors for three to five locations of choice.
  • If you’re thinking about joining the Reserves or National Guard, search for their unit locations.
  • Narrow down your list of places to live to your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices.


Your next job/career.


Check out available support resources and necessary paperwork.


Start and grow your network.

  • Leverage the services provided by military support organizations like Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), American Legion and Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA).
  • Start informally contacting people who can provide support as you transition (including fellow military peers and people in the civilian workforce who have jobs or work at companies you might be interested in).

Work on the plan for your future.

Want a civilian job:

  • Search companies like Bayer that have a good reputation for hiring veterans and find out what benefits they offer.
  • Connect with recently retired or separated veterans about the companies they’re 
  • working for.
  • Using platforms and job boards like LinkedIn and Indeed, compile a list of companies that might be able to use your skills.
  • List your talents, skills and knowledge.
  • Check your lists with several people who know you well.
  • Use your information to begin building your resume.
  • Determine if you need more education or training.
  • Research the skills needed for careers you might want to pursue.
  • Determine which of those skills will require additional education or training.
  • Find out about military educational benefits you may be eligible for.

Polish your story.

  • Review your talents, skills and knowledge and identify companies that could use them.
  • Review your perfect job and identify companies that meet those criteria.
  • Look at companies that have facilities in the places you want to consider living.
  • Begin translating your talents, skills and knowledge into civilian language.
  • Ask someone in your network to review your civilian descriptions.
  • Practice describing yourself in civilian language to someone in your network.

Take a closer look at the details.

  • Check which benefits you’ll have to replace, including medical and life insurance, direct savings plan (TSP) and banking services.
  • Understand your options for medical and dental coverage.
  • Finalize your resume.
  • Check your resume with people who have not been in the military.
  • Ensure your resume and list of skills are written in civilian language and use relevant language from job postings.
  • Make sure you’re comfortable describing yourself in civilian language.
  • Conduct practice interviews with people in your network.
  • Identify positions you’re interested in and start applying for those positions to ultimately get interviews.
  • Identify positions at local companies for which you can interview.
  • Get tips on informational interviews.
  • Attend career or hiring fairs.

Finalize your transition details.

  • Double check your resume for spelling.
  • Make sure to include military experience, critical accomplishments and keep it succinct.
  • Ask individuals in your network to review your resume and make suggestions.
  • Adjust your resume to specific jobs you apply for.
  • Be ready to complete job applications.
  • Interview with companies in the area where you will live.
  • Be prepared for the interview and dress appropriately.
  • Practice how you would sell yourself.
  • Check out resources that will help a military spouse find a job, go to school or get a certification for a new career.

Military Benefits at Bayer


Military Spouses


Every person has a unique quality to bring into the workforce. We know Military spouses have the education, background, and talent to be great contributors to our business. We want to help you in your transition by providing you with resources and tools that can guide you. Connect with other Military Spouses on and learn how they successfully transitioned.



At Bayer having an inclusive workforce means we are actively involving every employee’s ideas, knowledge, perspectives, approaches, and styles to maximize business success. Our Business Resource Groups represent the diversity and uniqueness of our employees and help foster inclusion. They are voluntary, company sponsored and employee led groups who work together to promote inclusion within Bayer and provide a multicultural lens to Bayer’s engagement of our customers and the communities in which we have operations.

By focusing on the “4 Cs:” culture, community, commerce and career; the BRGs provide career development opportunities to ensure we have a diverse leadership pipeline, build relationships with our communities through volunteerism, as well as offer experiences to improve cultural awareness so that we better understand each other, our customers and our suppliers. BRGs also exhibit Bayer’s commitment to inclusion and diversity.

Our Vision

To honor and serve BAYER’s veterans and military talent and those within our communities; and to demonstrate to our employees, customers and the general public that BAYER is the military-friendly employer of choice.

Our Mission

We accomplish this through engaging veterans and allies & cultivating leaders who initiate, drive and support programs that recruit, retain, and mentor veterans within BAYER, and that serve our broader veteran, Guard and active-duty military communities and their families.

Our Value

The BRAVE Business Resource Group (BRG) enhances diversity within BAYER’s business culture and develops, leverages and maximizes BAYER’s veteran talent for the benefit of our business, community and society.

Military Specialty Translator


Examples of Growth


At Bayer, there are many career opportunities for our Military. Here are just a few examples of some of our Veterans career paths at Bayer.

BRAVE Testimonials


James Waldron Supervisor, (U.S. Navy)

James Waldron
(U.S. Navy)

At Bayer, I’ve always been gratified with the respect and appreciation shown towards its Military Veteran employees. The BRAVE Business Resource Group offers a chance for Veteran employees to support current service members as well as Veterans who may be struggling and a chance for comradery and friendship.

Gisselle Talley  Project Manager Supply Chain, (U.S. Navy)

Gisselle Talley 
Project Manager Supply Chain,
(U.S. Navy)

My time at Bayer has been incredibly rewarding. I’ve been fortunate to work with many Veterans at Bayer and being able to have the freedom to draw on my past Military experiences and leadership skills have been key elements to my success within the structured environment of manufacturing.

Patrick Millet First Line Supervisor (U.S. Air Force)

Patrick Millet
First Line Supervisor
(U.S. Air Force)

Prior to separating from the Air Force and doing some research, I was in search of a safe, diverse, inclusive workforce, and I found that at Bayer.”


Franklin Foose Health Care Specialist (U.S. Army, CPI)

Franklin Foose
Health Care Specialist
(U.S. Army, CPI)

The Veterans culture within Bayer is better than anywhere else I’ve worked. Bayer provides opportunities to Veterans by taking into account our previous experiences and leveraging our unique skills sets. BRAVE is consistently performing community outreach and supporting Veteran causes all while providing a place of belonging and comradery.

David Tomasi  Chief Commercial Officer (U.S. Army, Captain)

David Tomasi 
Chief Commercial Officer
(U.S. Army, Captain)

I’m excited to be at Bayer because like in the Military, it gives me an incredible opportunity to lead.”


Jake Weidner  OT Project Specialist (U.S. Navy)

Jake Weidner 
OT Project Specialist
(U.S. Navy)

Bayer seems to have a really strong Veterans culture. For any job I’ve applied to or any interview I’ve had, people have been really supportive about the fact that I’m a Veteran and don’t take that for granted.


Michael Clements  Program Manager, Protocol Management (U.S. Marine Corps, Sergeant)

Michael Clements 
Program Manager, Protocol Management
(U.S. Marine Corps, Sergeant)

I’ve personally greatly benefited from Bayer’s Veteran and Military friendly culture - particularly it’s Military-focused BRAVE Business Resource Group. As a military veteran, I’ve always felt appreciated, respected, and warmly welcomed as part of Bayer’s inclusive and diverse cultural mix.

Martin Stoecker  Trait Handoff Assessment Lead  (U.S. Air Force, C-17 Pilot, Major)

Martin Stoecker 
Trait Handoff Assessment Lead 
(U.S. Air Force, C-17 Pilot, Major)

The Veterans culture is vibrant and getting stronger every day in Bayer. The Veterans group (BRAVE BRG) supports Veterans, service members and their families, highligting tough issues and the avenues for support, while promoting networking, personal and career development.