Our Passion

Preserving Biodiversity

A Butterfly and a Bee on a Flower

Biodiversity is about balance…the give and the take of nature.


Biodiversity - or the variety of different species of plants and animals found in our environment - and agriculture are intimately intertwined. Without the help of those countless organisms, a farmer's crop would not have the resources and support they need to grow. 

At Bayer, we are helping to preserve biodiversity by remaining good stewards and pushing ourselves to find groundbreaking solutions, such as advanced digital tools, plant breeding, biotechnology, and other technologies that improve land use, and help US farmers produce more while using fewer resources. 


Preserving biodiversity


The Bayer for Biodiversity initiative is focused on preserving and enhancing wildlife and plants on agricultural and other landscapes. As an example, pollinators – from bees to butterflies – are an essential part of our ecosystem as nearly one-third of our fruits, nuts and vegetables benefit from pollinators.


Additionally, worldwide, nearly 90% of flowering plant species rely on the transfer of pollen by insects and other animals. Initiatives like our Healthy Hives program are investing millions of dollars in the future of bee health and research to provide real solutions for beekeepers. 


We also collaborate with others in the industry to encourage growers to use best stewardship practices when handling crop protection and other agricultural products.


Explore how we research, partner, and engage to preserve biodiversity.