Our Passion

Preserving Biodiversity

Biodiversity is about balance…the give and the take of nature.

Farmers rely on the direct and indirect help of so many organisms to create healthy, thriving ecosystems. Biodiversity – or the variety of different species of plants and animals found in our environment – and agriculture are intimately intertwined. Without the help of those countless organisms, a farmer’s crops would not have the resources and support they need to grow. 

At Bayer, we are helping to preserve biodiversity by remaining good stewards and pushing ourselves to find groundbreaking solutions, such as advanced digital tools, plant breeding, biotechnology, and other technologies that improve land use, use fewer resources, and help US farmers produce more.


Preserving biodiversity


Farming practices such as integrated weed management, cover crops, conservation tillage, crop rotation, and other methods are at the front of our minds as we work to conserve natural resources and shield the environment from harm. This extends to our rigorous standards in environmental safety testing, risk assessment, and transparency to produce solutions that minimize agriculture's effect on biodiversity.


We also collaborate with others in the industry to encourage growers to use best stewardship practices when handling crop protection and other agricultural products.

Pollinators – from bees to butterflies – must be protected for future generations as well. For example, our Healthy Hives program is investing millions of dollars in the future of bee health and research to provide real solutions for beekeepers. Worldwide, nearly 90% of flowering plant species rely on the transfer of pollen by insects and other animals. These plants are an essential part of ecosystems, providing food, habitats and other resources for a wide range of other species. The “Bayer for Biodiversity” initiative is focused on this important area, supporting Monarch butterflies, bees, seeds and more.


Preserving biodiversity